Another Great Weekend On The Slopes

I apologize if this post makes you a bit jealous

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It’s been another beautiful weekend on the slopes for us Jara’s.  Thank you 2014 for providing us with an amazing snow season here in Colorado.  While, of course,  I miss my outdoor running, I’ve never seen my husband so happy.  This is the life :).

I left you all after a crisis with my phone.  Thankfully, we’re all squared away and since then the phone has been A-OK. The ride up to the slopes was the longest and slowest of the season (thank you local snow hounds), but let’s just say it was worth it.

Zach and I skied right up until the end of the day and then enjoyed a beer and fries to celebrate another wonderful day on the mountain.

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By 430 we were settled in and ready to hit the hot tub at the hotel (Vintage Hotel in Winter Park).  And then, of course, as ALWAYS happens on ski weekends, we were eating by 7 PM and half asleep by 830.

photo 3-7

On the menu last night were easy wraps with a side of gouda and celery.  Yum!

This Morning

Thanks to falling asleep in and out from 830 on (I woke up for some cookies, of course), Zach and I were on the slopes with fresh snow by the first lift (830 AM).  They reported no snow, so today was a locals paradise.   Fresh snow all day, and VERY little skier traffic . . . amazing.  I have to admit I was scared to get out there thanks to the white out conditions, but the hubby talked me out and thank god he did.  Best day of the year.

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I took a break a little before 11 AM for breakfast . . . unfortunately there was VERY limited food in the lodge so I ate what we had available.  I finished the bulk of the Clif bar and about half of the cookie.   The healthiest breakfast I’ve ever had?  No…but it was what I had available and it was enough to get me back out on the slopes for another couple hours without weighing me down.  What more can you ask?

We got home in the middle of the second quarter of the Bronco’s game . . . so I had some entertainment for my quick evening run:

photo 5-5

Fastest 3 miles I’ve ever run.  That’s what motivation to get to a birthday party/game watch will do for ya.

And now, it’s time to drink my lemon/mint water, eat dinner, and fall asleep early 🙂

Question of the evening:  Tell me all about your weekend!  I’m so out of the loop!