Goal: REST and A Call To Fellow Denver Area Bloggers

You know how I can tell that I’m exhausted?



I actually stayed in savasana the entire time during my at home yoga routine tonight.  Maybe it was the candles and the sunset?  Who knows — whatever it is it work.  I am beginning my work towards the goal of the evening.


photo 1-17

August’s form of rest . . . Follow my fun on Instagram

 In all seriousness, my plan is to get in my sweats ASAP, maybe pour a glass of wine + a big glass of water, eat my Whole Foods hot bar (yes, again) grub at some point, and veg out.  Early bed time for this lady tonight.

Calling All Denver Area Bloggers

Ok, so as I’ve been reading some of my favorite blogs lately. . . I realized that I need to take advantage of this community.  I find myself jealous of bloggers who get to meet up and do fun workout/dinner meet ups with their blogger friends!

Well shoot — I know there must be fellow ladies who are local to the area who feel the same way, right?  OR maybe people who will be coming through the Denver area at some point?  Please get a hold of me if this sounds like something you are interested in!   🙂  Let’s organize a get together!  I promise I’m not too weird 🙂

And that, my friends, is my randomness for the evening.  I hope you have a relaxing one as well!

4 AM Wake Up Call . . . At least It Went Well

Good Morning everyone.  Happy Wednesday! (Edit <— Tired brain.  It’s Tuesday. Wishful thinking)

Good News

I think all the stretching, heating pad, and healthy food is beginning to help 🙂

photo 4-11

I did NOT want to wake up this morning.  August is missing her Dad and began meowing from next to my head around 4:00 AM this morning.  Sure, they were cute meows.  As much as anything can be cute at 4 AM.  Needless to say I had way to much time to contemplate wether or not I was going to get my run in this morning, or save it for after work.  As it got closer to 6, I was leaning towards post-poning it.  But then I thought about how much better I’d feel overall if I knew my side stitch from yesterday was better. . . and let’s face it.  August wasn’t going to let me have a peaceful sleep.

So, I headed to the gym right around 615 AM and was ready to go (but nervous).  Thankfully, I took the speed easy and didn’t feel ANY pain in my side until the very end when I started to pick up the speed a bit.  Good news — looks like it’s more yoga and heating pad for me tonight, but I am OK with that.

Workout of the Day: 40 minute easy run, 4.21 miles


I’ll take it!

I have a confession:  If I never see a treadmill again after our honeymoon. . . I wouldn’t be upset. 

That’s all I really have for you all this morning.  Feeling better, good run, and ready to dominate some cantaloupe here in a few minutes. . .

Question of the Morning:  Anyone else have annoying morning pets?