What’s Making Me Smile (in photos)

First thing:  I brought leftovers of my  Zucchini Bread into work this morning, and it was gone before 10 AM :).

I love baking, hello I have the sweet tooth of a horse.  But I secretly love the “pat on the back” feeling I get when I watch people enjoying what I make.  Maybe I should open a bakery…wonder what Zach would think of that? 🙂

Living in the Moment and Enjoying It.

We’re in the thick of the wedding countdown: multiple appointments each week, deadlines, vendors asking for numbers, etc.  While it is crazy and hectic, I’ve been trying to live in the moment and soak it all in.  I only have 26 days left before I get married, and I want to soak up and really remember all of the excitement and anticipation I have.

And with that, some snap shots from those moments-in-between with the family and beautiful Denver… they’ve been making me smile and hopefully one or two of them make you smile a bit, too :).









Ahh…I smile just looking at them 🙂  How can you not love them? Maybe I should make it a weekly thing to do a little photo dump of the pictures that make me smile but maybe don’t make it up here.  What do you think?

TONIGHT is my hair and make up trial, so I’m not sure while time I’ll get back.  You know you’ll get an update when I do get back though 🙂

Question of the day:  What’s been making you smile lately??

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