Wedding Bands and A Blogger Meet Up

Guess what came in today!



My engagement ring is back.  Better than new!  All buffed out and shiny.  It’s beautiful 🙂

Just as exciting is what came along with my engagement ring this time…





Good lord my camera does nothing for these rings.  Seriously they’re absolutely perfect and beautiful.  Tomorrow when it’s pretty outside I’ll take a picture of them with Zach’s SLR to give good detail.  They’re amazing, and just another reminder of how close we are!

15 days! WOOOOOOOOT! 🙂

Blogger Date

Another very fun part of tonight was my first blogger meet up at Crave in downtown Denver.! 🙂

I unfortunately didn’t think to break out my camera during dinner because I was just enjoying the conversation, dinner, and drinks with a new friend.

But no worries, there are  pictures that can be found online, so I’ll make sure you guys still get a some idea of our evening 🙂



(from their website)


Crave is a dessert bar and lounge that has a very low key, but fun vibe.  When I got there at 6, it was pretty empty, but it was more full by the time we left a little after 8.  I have a feeling the bulk of their business is more late night.  Which is actually perfect because it’s there if you want it for a quiet dinner and drinks for a date, or a more happening night later in the evening.





We were both super hungry so we decided to do entrees with our drinks.  I went with the grilled cheese with beat chips and it was pretty solid.  It was more like bruchetta really, but still full of good flavor.

There was pesto gnocchi on the menu and I had a little bit of menu remorse after, but I will definitely be back for more Crave 🙂

With our dinners we both enjoyed a rosy moscato which was very light, flavorful and refreshing.  Being a dessert bar and lounge, their obviously known more for their drinks and desserts.

We both felt bad for our boys at home, so we decided to take dessert to go.  We both went with the Chocolate Thrill, which was by far the highlight:

Chocolate flourless cake with hazelnuts.  Fresh peach ice cream.  Fresh bing cherry chutney. Apricot Coulis. Candied Hazelnuts. Vanilla bean chantilly. Caramel chip. Dark chocolate ganash.

Amazing!  I can see why their known for the desserts.  I really wanted to try a macaroon after seeing them all over their website, but they only  have them during the afternoon unfortunately.

Overall I would absolutely go back to Crave for drinks and a girl night, and I’d actually love to try it for brunch.

Both of our entrees tonight were 12 dollars and plated beautifully.  And our glasses of wine were 6, so that’s hard to beat.   Next time I will go with the gnocchi though 😉

I’m sorry I didn’t bring out the camera to take pictures of the food, but I’m so glad that I was able to get out this afternoon and enjoy a new friend.  That meant more to me then good pictures at the time, and you know what I’m OK with that 🙂

Meeting new people is just another reason to love this little blog and the community.  It’s so easy to meet great people who have similar interests and I’m forever thankful for that :).

You really can never have enough good people in your life, right? 🙂

Now it’s time to finish my amazing dessert (thank you Crave!) and enjoy my family!

Long run in the morning.  Send speedy thoughts my way!



Fun Food and Fun Fact Round up!

You all know I don’t post all the foods I eat, but I do highlight some of my favorites for you to drool over enjoy!

My favorite bites of the week!



The gnocchi and bruchetta from  Stella’s Trattoria were out of this world.


The breakfast sliders from Sassafras American Eatery were a perfect mix of fluffy eggs, rich cheese, spicy sausage and amazing homemade biscuits.


My Healthy Raspberry Crumble Bars were gone in about 48 hours!


I LOVED the granola from our Nature Box


Our  Homemade Pizza is always a highlight of the week




Everything from Root Down lived up to the hype!

Picture 004

Introducing Noosa! back into my life 🙂


Can’t forget the Box cookies!

Picture 028

And finally, my breakfast sammie from Masterpiece

We ate out more than normal this week, but that sure did bring some yummie grub!

Fun Fact Friday

I am still very new to this blog thing.  You guys have been GREAT about welcoming me with open arms and I feel like we’re all bff’s already :). But I wanted to give you all a chance to get to know me better, so I figured once a week I can give a fun fact about myself so you all get to know me a little better!

Today’s theme is “Would You Rather?”

1. Would you rather be 4’7′ or 7’7″

I would rather be 4’7, considering I’m not TOO far off that at 5′ flat!  I’ve always been pretty tiny and actually don’t mind it most of the time.   I know as a kid who wanted to ride all the roller coasters it was a bummer, but as an adult it’s OK 🙂

2. Would you rather date a rich workaholic or a poor guy with plenty of time for you?

The biggest thing for me, honestly, is balance and happiness.   Black and white, I would prefer a poor guy with plenty of time with me. . . but in reality and practice, I just want my partner to be fulfilled and enjoy what they do.  Sometimes Zach has to work more than he likes , but it’s not because of money, it’s because he is being challenged and he takes pride in his work. Zach is the breadwinner in this little family, but he makes SURE to make time for the family.  As long as work and career doesn’t take precedence over family values, you’re doing fine by me 🙂

3. Would you rather have piercings or tattoos? 

Well…I guess I have both.  I have my ears pierced multiple times, and I’ve had my belly button pierced more times than I can count (long stories, but I’ve lost a couple).  I also have 2 tattoos (a clover on my hip and 13.1 on my foot).  I feel like the piercings were a passing phase, but my tattoos still have meaning for me, so I’d go with tattoo.

4.  Would you rather be fluent in all languages or master of all instruments?

I am going to have to go with fluent in all languages on this one.  I face language barriers at work often and it’s something I really struggle with.  That’s not even mentioning or acknowledging when I travel or am out of my own comfort zones.  Communication is so huge in every aspect of life, and I think it would be AMAZING to speak with every culture!  We’d know so much more about one another!

5.  Would you rather have a rewind button on life or a pause button on life.

I REALLY liked this one.  I think I would go with pause button.  I don’t necessarily want to change anything in my life, because ultimately it has made me who I am today.  BUT, if I had time to pause and think about things sometimes, I might make more informed and logical decisions to begin with.

So that’s five fun facts about me that you all probably didn’t know 🙂

Question of the Day:  Your turn! Answer any of these Would you rathers?  

Workout Roundup week of August 23

Good morning and Happy Friday All!


Another week almost in the books 🙂

Workout Roundup

This week was a fairly good week in terms of sticking to my planned worked outs.  My workout schedule for the week looked like:

  • Monday:  YOGA! Reset the body for the week
  • Tuesday: Speed work 45 minutes + possible PM yoga class
  • Wednesday: 60 minutes cycling easy
  • Thursday: Easy run outdoors
  • Friday: Rest/Yoga
  • Saturday: Long run 100 minutes
  • Sunday: Recovery run or hike

And in practice, my work outs looked like

  • Monday: 2.43 SPEEDY miles + yoga
  • Tuesday: Speed run – 45 minutes for 4.75 miles
  • Wednesday: 60 minutes cycling for 20 miles
  • Thursday:  Recovery treadmill run for 4.25 miles
  • Friday: REST 🙂

I also had a GREAT long run (10 miles WHAT!), a family hike (7.1 miles) to round out last weekend and begin this week, and continued work on my Challenge through out the week, so overall I feel pretty darn good about how the week shaped up.

I slept in this morning, so there was no AM yoga, and I am A-OK with that.  I am hoping to squeeze in stretching and yoga through out the day however I can (think stretching challenge, ha), and maybe even throwing in a quick yoga 100’s at lunch :).   Otherwise, I have my wonderful compression sleeves on under my work clothes, a chocolate coconut water ready to drink, and some carbo-licious foods to eat to help me prep for my long run tomorrow.




Question of the Morning:  How were your work outs this week?