Cebiche Date Night

Tonight was date night for Zach and I 🙂  Our favorite!  But before date night, we had a relaxing afternoon.

My long run led into an afternoon of reading, relaxing, and wedding work




I layed upstairs in the loft with the furry family, compressing, reading and blogging while Zach did a lot of work on our wedding (Did I mention I Have The Best Groom Ever).

I love Saturdays.

Our plans with friends ended up falling through last minute, so we had an opportunity for impromptu date night.

Since I ate breakfast numero dos around 1 PM, my hunger struck a little too early for dinner but obviously way to late for lunch.  We took this as an opportunity to hang out with the early bird crowd for date night.  Enter a 6 PM dinner at Cibeche ( in the Highlands of Denver


It was about 20 minutes walking from our apartment.

The weather was cloudy, but ended up holding out for us and actually presented us with a beautiful walk.


When we got to Cebiche, the first thing I noticed was the adorable and very beautiful outdoor seating area.


Even with the cloudy skies, we decided to sit on the patio and enjoy our dinner el fresco.

Zach and I started the evening with their complementary baked corn kernels and drinks.


I went with the house white wine, and it was perfect for the nice, warm evening.


For a a starter, we ordered a side of plantains that were UNREAL.  We used to eat South American food often in Chicago, and we have really missed plantains.  These absolutely filled the craving.


Ahh…I’m hungry just looking at them again.

For my entree, I ordered pollo skewers and a side salad.  Which was AMAZING.


Zach ordered steak, which he wanted to be sure was shared.


Overall….our experience as Cebiche was wonderful, and we will be returning.

The services was great, not too talkative but a nice balance of kindness, attentiveness and passion for the food. The drinks were served quickly and our drinks never went unfilled.  The food, to die for.  Overalll…

We will be back 🙂

We rounded out the evening with a drink at William and Graham (

A great speakeasy in the LoHi neighborhood of Denver that is known for cocktails and very attentive bartenders.

It wasn’t our first trip at Williams and Graham, but we were once again very pleased with our experience.  I ordered a rum drink while Zach ordered an Older Old Fashioned, which we both were very happy with (along with an order of chips…I can’t drink without salt!).    Unfortunately the lighting inside isn’t conducive to pictures, so you’ll have to imagine 🙂

It was a perfect ending to a perfect evening.  I love date night!

Tomorrow is going to be filled with a recovery run and LOTS of baking.  Remember that huge zucchini I brought home from work?  Well it’s going to be used in some cookies and bread tomorrow.  I hope you’re as excited as I am for some great recipes!

Saturday Morning Roundup

There really is nothing like enjoying breakfast and coffee on Saturday mornings.

I’ve got my long run done for the week, we’ve got the doors open letting in all the fresh air, the animals are napping at my feet, and I’m eating (my favorite).  It’s time to just relax.  I love it.




Let’s backtrack. 

Last night was a very nice, well needed quiet night in with the family.

I got my new book in the mail, and I started reading it once I got home from work. With a little snack of Ghardetto’s and Annies cheddar bunnies. 🙂


…while compressing of course.  It’s not just for style yall… gotta prepare for the for the run in the morning 🙂

Zach and I made homemade tacos with carne asada and  onions + a bunch of  tomatoes, peppers, and basil from the garden.  Turned out DELISH.


We watched The Dark Knight Rises while I rinsed down dinner with a nice glass of wine…and polished it off with cheesecake 🙂



We made it to bed around 11 and my body was happy for a relaxing evening come morning.

This Morning

I slept in this morning until a little after 8, which was amazing.  My body must have needed the extra rest, and I was happy to oblige.  Thankfully, Denver has really cooled off so it wasn’t too hot by the time I finished my prerun ritual of a Larabar (yum) and coffee around 845.

Workout for the Day:  90 minute run (9.15 miles) 9:50 pace.

The beginning of the workout was still nice and almost cool, upper 60’s.  I started with a couple slower miles, closer to 10 minute pace, to warm up my legs.

I hit a trail around mile 3 and found some beautiful wild flowers


Colorado has beautiful mountains, but in general the landscape is pretty brown, so the wild flowers that pop up really stand out in contrast.

Those flowers were probably the highlight of the run.  I tried to stay in the shade as much as possible (it warmed up quick unfortunately) and just worked to keep moving and finish.  Ultimately my pace was 950, which I’m fine with for the long run.

Farmers Market

Once I finished my run, Zach and I headed out pretty quickly to the Market, the second (and favorite) part of our Saturday morning family ritual.


It’s around a 15 minute walk to get there, and Gus pulled us the entire way.  I guess he was excited for the market as well!

Because we got there a little later, some of the vendors were a little picked over, but we still got plenty of good stuff!

DSCN0126 DSCN0130 DSCN0129

Fresh produce, live music, and face paint.  My kinda party! 🙂


Our loot for the week.  Sweet corn on the cob, lettuce mix, fresh apricots, onions, sourdough bread, a watermelon, and a good looking steak.

I’d say we’re starting off our Saturday pretty well 🙂

My plans for the rest of Saturday include finishing eating my (second) breakfast and read a bit more of my book.  We have plans to head out with friends a little later, so I want to relax until then 🙂

Happy Saturday Everyone!

90 minutes or Bust (Updated)

I was able to sleep in this morning, which my body more than needed.  I actually woke up to a text from my favorite running friend back home, “You can do it!”

Thankfully, Denver has dealt me an absolutely beautiful morning, cool and crisp.  62 degrees and sunny currently.

I’m finishing up my (pretty awesome) peanut butter chocolate chip lara bar, cup of coffee, and relaxing with my boys for a few minutes while it all settles.

90 minutes on the docket this morning.  I couldn’t ask for a much better morning for it, now I just hope my little legs and boy cooperate!

“You can do it!”





Update:  Edit to add, 9.15 miles done and done.  It gets hot fast here…I’ll be back with pictures and details later.  Farmers market time for this family!