Just Another Quick Check In. . .

Just got back to our Bed and Breakfast after an amazing day of wedding festivities.

Just wanted to stop in and show some love to a beautiful, and happy couple after an amazing night of celebration.


This photo is evidence of the fun that was had on the dance floor this evening.  We all left, sweaty, happy messes.  And wouldn’t change a bit of it.

And now, wouldn’t you believe it.  Less than a week until our own.  I honestly can’t even think straight I’m so excited 🙂

Sending lots of love form the East Coast!  I’m looking forward to a morning with friends, and then getting back to you all with a full recap of the weekends festivities!   It’s been a great one!

PLEASE FILL ME IN! I feel like I’ve been gone for too long.  What have you guys been up to this weekend?


Hello from New York!

Good Morning and Happy Saturday all!

I apologize for my lack of posting yesterday.  We left Denver about 9 AM and didn’t pull into Hudson until after 9 PM, so it was a full day of travel.  By the time we got into our Bed and Breakfast, we just needed rest!  

I didn’t forget about you all though!  

Right now it’s time to shower up from my run and get ready to celebrate an amazing couple, but know that I will be back later to share my whole trip with you guys!

A picture from my run this morning, and also where we stopped for a quick dinner last night.

Happy Saturday all! We’ll talk soon!