What I Do After A Long Run

Compress and Rest


(Yes that is what I wore to grocery shop.  Nobody judged me.  Except Zach and Gus apparently.  They wouldn’t come with me).




Farmers market treat, with a diet coke (I never drink soda, but when I saw it I just could pass the carbonation). This was some kind of fried banana with chocolate and powdered sugar.  Hello amazing.  Best idea Zach had all day 🙂



(OK, so the left is my breakfast and the right is Zachs.  But his looked WAY better than mine so I had to include it)

Do upper body work outs AKA: carrying shopping bags full of delicious finds.

DSC_0651 DSC_0649 DSC_0650

(Farmers market finds, YUM. Also took a trip to Sprouts on my own…that was also a work out).

And Eat More.

DSC_0626 DSC_0625

Workout and errands for the day now DONE so now it’s time to relax.  🙂  I also ran by Redbox while I was out, so hopefully we have some success with the slim pickins.

Pizza night tonight, and possibly a trip to Denver Brew Co, our favorite!

I will also be doing some baking today or tomorrow (think cookies and peanut butter granola) so look out for recipes!

Question for the day:  What do you do after a long run?   Eat? Drink?Sleep?

Hydrate with H2O, NOT Beer, before a long run.


Toughest long run I’ve had in a long time.   Apparently, one should probably focus more on water, less on


Beer.  What can I say, I figured it was carbo loading?

I probably would have been fine had I gotten more than a couple glasses TOTAL of water in yesterday.  Oh well, you live and you learn.

I was up and doing my normal long run routine by 630


PS: I love Larabar’s pre long runs, they’re perfect.  The PBJ flavor is THE BOMB.

I hit the road around 715 and have never been so happy to finish a race.

Workout of the Day:

Long run:  85 minutes

8.60 miles.


I really did struggle this entire run.  I was basically unsure I’d finish from the start, but kept telling myself “just one more mile, than you can stop if you need to.”  That got me through until finally the 85 minutes was complete, but not without a couple breaks to calm my stomach.  I literally felt like I may have to vom the ENTIRE run (sorry for the gross visual everyone)…talk about a joy.

One fun thing from the run is I guess the Color Run is going through Denver and l literally in front of our apartment. Not only did I get to run right by blue and yellow, but as I finished my run there was a very distinct yellow hugh in the air and tons of people trucking along.  Good for them!  Someday I may do a color run, people always seem like they have a good time.

After the run, I spent a good 15 minutes like this


Then plugged in the garmin and reviewed the run


Gus had to approve of the run as well of course.

Now Zach and I are about to head to the local Farmer’s market and enjoy a nice relaxing Saturday.

It’s Pizza night tonight! YAYYY! My favorite

Question of the day:  Ever had a really tough run?  Anything you know that normally brings them on?

Feeling the Love

My day did get better after my run in with the Yogurt Thief! …

I still had my stash of yummy bars and trailmix, and a different (unnamed yogurt, not so hot), which got me through the tough day ;).


Zach decided to go on a nice long bike ride since he had a light afternoon, so when I got home from work I had some time to waste and decided to try and do some yoga

Well I was having some issues with my internet (I LOVE Tara Stiles yoga on youtube, look it up!), so I resorted to my exercise TV on demand.  I clicked on beginners yoga, as I just wanted a nice stretch.  I was successful, albeit the video was a bit strange.


They were in polos and khakis?  But oh well, it was beginnings and it ended up doing the trick.  Stretched out and (hopefully) ready for my long run tomorrow.

Zach made it home from his ride in the middle of my yogis.   37 miles up in the mountains, the man is a beast.

Where the love begins..

We had plans for date night tonight, but Zach always needs time to let his body cool down after such an intense workout.  Luckily, we were able to catch up a bit more during that time.  He brought me home the first gift of love we received today:


Zach is getting a custom suit for our wedding, and today was his final fitting.  As he was leaving, his tailor/designer gave him this traditional Korean wedding gift.

They’re two kissing ducks.  Meant to represent us.  How sweet is that?  And apparently they’re not only to show love.


When the wife is upset, she is supposed to turn the ducks around to send a message.

Apparently the tailors wife had the ducks like this for a month at one point.  I can only imagine what he did ;).

We really like Zach’s tailor, and this just boosts him right up in our books.  How sweet is that?  I am sure our ducks  will be kissing forever! 😉


While Zach showered and got ready for date night tonight, I ran Gusman out to do his business.  I always check out mail when I take him on our evening walks.  My second moment of feeling the love came from our mailbox :).  We got our best RSVP to date



For all of you from Chicago or familiar with Chicago: you know what’s inside



Yes.  Caramel and cheese Garrett’s popcorn.  Only the best.

Unfortunately, the RSVP was a decline, but honestly it was the sweetest and most thoughtful RSVP we’ve gotten yet.  They wanted to “send us a piece of Chicago” to let us know they were thinking about us.  We have some amazing people in our lives 🙂  Thanks so much Rachel and James.  We’ll miss you at the wedding, but when I can’t fit in the dress I’ll know why 😉

Needless to say, there were 1 or 2 (or 5) handfuls of that eaten before dinner tonight.  Along with a peanut butter cookie sandwich Zach and I shared from Whole Foods



Consider it appetizers :).

So…if we weren’t feeling the love enough, then we got to leave for our favorite part of every week.

Date Night.

Tonight we decided to try a new place, Euclid Hall (www.euclidhall.com) .  Neither of us knew much about it, but Zach found it online and all we were really looking for tonight was a new spot!

Euclid Hall is about a 15 minute walk from our apartment into downtown.  With the weather we had tonight, I dont think there was a more perfect way to start the evening.


It was a beautiful night for a short walk, and there really is nothing like Denver :).

After our short walk, we made it to our destination



A very cool, gastro-pub feel restaurant with a great looking beer menu with upscale spirits and quality looking food.

The place was already pretty busy when we got there at about 730



So Zach and I just grabbed a seat at the bar and waited for our table…of course we had to share the bar


Yes…that pig head was intended for someone to eat.  Needless to say we did not order that, but I’m sure it was delish.

I started with a nice Firestone double IPA while we waited for our table.



Luckily, that was only about 20 or so minutes then we were texted to let us know our table was ready.

Zach and I had plans to work on our seating arrangement for our wedding tonight, so we planned to kind of take this meal tapas style and just make an evening out of it.

Our first round was an amazing roasted cauliflower salad (my choice) and kielbasa (Zach’s choice) with 4 different mustards.


AMAZING.  The salad was honest to die for.  It had goat cheese, tempura crumbles, a light sauce, and of course roasted cauliflower.   The kielbasa was also extremely flavorful and literally burst in your mouth.  YUM

Second course was a mini cod sandwich (my choice), a blood sausage, and fries.

DSC_0645 DSC_0644J

Just as amazing.

I had an apricot blonde with this group of food, and enjoyed every drop of it 🙂



We had to call it quits there…primarily because I knew we had cupcakes from whole foods waiting for us:


One chocolate ganache filled cupcake and one raspberry filled cupcake.  Shared.  I’m looking forward to it.

I have a long run planned for the morning (85 minutes) , so I think  we’re going to enjoy our cupcakes with a movie and a ton of water for this girl.

A night full of gifts, date night, wedding planning, and time with my favorite boy in the world.  I’m definitely feeling the love ❤

Question for the night:  Do you have a long run planned for the weekend?