Workouts for the Week August 12

Happy Monday everyone!  I miss the weekend already, but let’s get going this week and another weekend will be here before we know it 🙂

My body has a tendency to really feel miles after a month of so of consistent training.  When that happens, I try to respect that and incorporate more yoga into my daily routine and make my miles count when they’re squeezed in there.

With a sore body, and busy wedding schedule this week, I am (very tentatively) planning out my workouts for the week.

Workout Plan for the Week August 12

  • Monday: Yoga @ home …and as much of it as possible
  • Tuesday: Yoga @ home …and short strength training
  • Wednesday: 5-6 miles + yoga class in the PM
  • Thursday: 3 mile run and yoga @ home
  • Friday: Rest/Yoga
  • Saturday: Long run (75-90 minutes)
  • Sunday: Recovery run: 40 minutes



Question:  Is anyone else feeling the strains and pains of training right now?  What do you do when this happens?

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