Root Down, Denver [in Pictures]

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Zach and I had a date night that was 3 weeks in the making.

Rootdown has been on our radar for awhile, and tonight was finally the night to check it out.

For once, I’m going to let the pictures do the talking for me.

Here’s what you need to know:

  • It was worth the wait for our reservation
  • They believe in local, sustainable foods and water
  • Small plates that are designed to share
  • Friendly and knowledgable staff
  • You should check it out.
  • Enjoy 🙂













Drooling yet?

. . . And That’s OK.

I’ve had something on my mind since I wrote my my work-out plan post this morning.


I love creating schedules.  They give me structure (which I need!), help me to see progress towards goals, and help to keep me on track.


For me personally, schedules are good for accountability.

I have a schedule for work, I know what needs to get done and when.


my desk at work is FULL of post-its

I have a scheduled date with Zach, I know not to make other plans.


Doctors appointment scheduled?  Better get there!


I wish!

I have a work out planned, I MUST FIT IT IN.


Sorry I can’t relax with you, I didn’t sweat this morning.

Did everyone catch that emphasis there?

While I am great at creating schedules and absolutely benefit from having them. . . sometimes my type A freakazoid personality keeps me from understanding that there can and should be flexibility in scheduling.  This is very true with scheduled work outs.

I don’t have much guilt if I need to reschedule a doctors appointment or meeting at work. . . but If I’m being totally honest, I DO have guilt when I skip a work out.


Does that seem backwards to anyone else? I give myself anxiety over the possibility of skipping a work out?  That does not seem very conducive to a healthy, happy or balanced life.


Yeah…you should probably worry more that you NEVER skip me…

This point stuck with me all morning today.  I was struggling because I hadn’t yet formally written out my work out plan for the week, but I was already making excuses for why I may have to move some work outs around, or god forbid miss a work out all together.

Let’s take a look at my schedule for the next three weeks:

  • This weekend Zach and I are talking about taking a short trip to Rocky Mountain National and getting in some end of season serious hiking.  If we do that, I may need to scale down the long run (and that’s OK).
  • Next weekend we are in New York for Zach’s old roommates wedding Thursday-Sunday, so I am going to be trying to squeeze in a long run from far away.  I’m hoping this just gives me a chance to explore a new place, but I also want to be open to wedding activities and recognize if I need to switch runs around (and that’s OK).
  • And then of course, 2 weekends out is OUR WEDDING, so that entire week is all about flexibility, enjoying the moment, and enjoying our families.  I already have some runs with friends planned, and I do have some time off so I can squeeze in a long run somehwere, just need to be open to moving work outs around (and dang it that’s OK).

Seriously, I have some AMAZING things coming up in my life, and I do NOT want to let a silly switched up or missed work out to affect that in any way.


Mimosa on vacation? Yes, please!

Over these next 3 busy unique and amazing weeks, I am giving myself permission to be flexible.

I want to be sure that I fit in my work outs, but most importantly that I remember to enjoy them and be thankful that I am healthy and able to be active when I do fit them in.  (I mean let’s be honest, I love a good Runner’s High to miss too many good work outs 😉

I cannot forget or undervalue that I am a happy and healthy person.  I eat whole, natural, REAL foods for the majority of my diet.  I work out consistently and find ways to squeeze in little bursts of exercise often in my daily life.  I have amazing friends and family in my life who love me unconditionally.  I live in an amazing city and have opportunities that I am thankful on a daily basis.

THESE things are important.  And these things aren’t going to change over the next 3 weeks, if anything they will only improve.

No more exercise anxiety for this girl . . . and THAT”s ok :).

Question of the afternoon:  Am I totally crazy with this?  Can anyone else relate to this exercise guilt/anxiety? 

Workout Plan for the Week August 19, 2013 and goodbye engagement ring!

We’re in the teens for the wedding countdown!  I cannot believe it. . .


I’m so cute!

I could not be more excited to marry this guy 🙂


Have I mentioned how cool he is?

This morning we had to send my engagement ring back to Chicago for a serious cleaning and standard check (prongs, stones, etc).  So, for this week I’ll be sporting my Mom’s beautiful vintage engagement ring.

Picture 002

It’s a bummer to be without my ring, but it is kind of special to be wearing my Mom’s…and I know when my ring comes back later this week it will be coming back with it’s BFF, OUR WEDDING RINGS! AHHH! 🙂

Moving onto business. . .

Happy Monday All! 🙂

Just like last week, this week I want to continue focusing on:

  • integrating more yogis
  • not running back-to-back days
  • stretching and continuing the challenge!

I began the week last week exhausted physically and mentally, but by the end of the week was feeling much better.  I think the keys to that were these bullet points, so I want to make sure I keep them in my work out life 🙂

Now that we’ve gotten that out of way, here is my workout plan for the week, August 13, 2013.

  • Monday:  YOGA! Reset the body for the week
  • Tuesday: Speed work 45 minutes + possible PM yoga class
  • Wednesday: 60 minutes cycling easy
  • Thursday: Easy run outdoors
  • Friday: Rest/Yoga
  • Saturday: Long run 100 minutes
  • Sunday: Recovery run or hike

Workout Of the Day: Monday August 19, 2013

Per the schedule, I woke up and began with a short Yoga video for digestion with Tara Stiles.


After a weekend of eating a lot of more indulgent food than normal, my body and digestive system appreciated the reboot.

I followed that video up with another one of my Grounding Yoga videos.  This video is perfect for a, quick, 45 minute full body stretch.

I felt GREAT after my yoga, knew I had a few extra minutes, and decided I wasn’t done working out for the morning yet.

Today isn’t a run day, so I didn’t want to do anything distance.  But I didn’t work on speed work at all last week and my legs are feeling a bit itchy for it.  With 20 minutes to work, I busted out this killer progressive treadmill work out.

  • 6.0  0-1
  • 6.5 1-2
  • 6.6 2-3
  • 6.7 3-4
  • 6.8 4-5
  • 6.9 5-6
  • 7.0 6-7
  • 7.1 7-8
  • 7.2 8-9
  • 7.3 9-10
  • 7.4 9-11
  • 7.5 11-12
  • 7.6 12-13
  • 7.7 13-14
  • 7.8 14-15
  • 7.9 15-16
  • 8.0 16-17
  • 8.1 17-18
  • 8.2 18-19
  • 8.3 19-20

Picture 001

By the end of 20 minutes I was a sweaty, huffing and puffing mess.  It was exactly what I was looking for this AM!   It worked me hard (I finished feeling like I couldn’t add another minute) but it was short enough that I’m confident it won’t keep me from being able to complete a full speed work out tomorrow.

Work out schedules are all about flexability, right? 😉


I didn’t forget the challenge yesterday — I was just too excited about my recipe posts, and figured you all wouldn’t mind if I just mentioned it this morning.  Yesterday after the hike, I squeezed in:

  • 145 second plant + 10 hip dips
  • 50 leg raises
  • 50 oblique crunches L & R
  • 50 calf raises (2 sets of 25)
  • 25 squats
  • 50 bridges
  • 25 calf raises
  • 30 push ups

Only today and tomorrow left for the challenge (although I don’t think I’ll stop once it’s done! I’m LOVING it!)

Ok — time to get to work!  Hope you all have a happy Monday Morning! 🙂