Wait It’s Thursday? And A Sunny Walk

I’m going to be frank with you all.  It’s an odd feeling going back to your everyday reality after almost three weeks.   Not that I’m complaining — I’m HAPPY to be feeling better and able to tackle the real world again.  Just odd. 2 day work week anyone?

For example:  I haven’t driven in 3 weeks.  Should be a run drive to work with the little bit of snow we have on the ground :).

Thank You

I want to thank you all for your sweet words on yesterday’s post.  I feel like I have been sick WAY more than average this year — which is kind of a bummer.  This last one has definitely caused me to reevaluate a few things and really sparked a desire to start being a little more intuitive with my body.

Last Night

Last night was my first real meal in about 56 hours.

photo 4-12


Chicken noodle soup and a piece of garlic toast.  I had been living off tortillas and peanut butter with crackers (although I did branch out to egg whites yesterday as well), so this food tasted DELICIOUS.  I may have tackled a little more than my body was ready for, because I think our neighbors could hear my stomach rumbling after. Woof!  Oh well, at least it all stayed down and didn’t have me in pain :).  Win win!

I also enjoyed some mint chocolate chip ice cream with chocolate sauce as dessert last night.  Zach said that’s how he knew I was really feeling better.  (AKA, I’ve been in tough shape because I haven’t even thought about sweets here lately…) LORD was that ice cream amazing.  I may have gone back for a second small cup. Yum.

Workout of the Morning

photo 3

Yes — in my current state I am considering a hilly walk with my dog a work out.  Gus and I were able to get out this morning and enjoy the (very cold) sunshine for a little over 40 minutes.  It was good for me to get some fresh air and walk around, while still taking it slow and easy.

photo 2-24 photo 1-22

I am planning on squeezing in another walk at lunch today at work if possible — but we’ll just have to see how the day goes.

At this point — I am honestly just so thankful for my health and to be feeling somewhat normal — words can’t even express.  I am SO thankful to have been able to walk this morning, and to have kept down food yesterday.  I will work to never take that for granted again!

I’ll be back later today with a planned review of the first book I finished over our honeymoon:  Omnivore’s Delimma. 

Questions of the Morning:

  1. Anyone else feel that they gotten sick more than normal this year?
  2. Anyone else been taking advantage of good walks lately?

24 thoughts on “Wait It’s Thursday? And A Sunny Walk

  1. I’ve gotten sick this year more often than usual myself. It’s been a strange winter of polar vortex, diametrically opposing temperatures (yesterday was 60. Today? 30 and snowing), and a suppressed immune system so I think that all played a part.

  2. Glad to see the you are feeling better.. And listening to your body ( it sounds like yours was yelling at you!) is always a good thing!

    I’m recovering from ACL surgery, and just walked for the first time yesterday. It was glorious! Just a short walk around smith lake in wash park, but I felt like I conquered a marathon!

  3. Glad you are listening to your body! Sometimes that is so hard to do! I am right there with ya on the getting back to normal! Our honeymoon was 2 weeks and when we got it was so weird!

  4. GIRL I have 100% more sick this year than others, I seriously think I’ve had 4 or 5 sinus infections this year and I am over it! Glad you’re feeling better, walks are the best 🙂 I’ve been doing lots of walks this year and loving them for a social get together rather eating or getting drinks. Keep getting better!

  5. I don’t really get sick often but when I do there is nothing like a good bowl of chicken soup!
    Fresh air definitely has a way of perking you up-even of its cold! I swear, that sometimes, a run in fresh cold air has knocked a cold Right out of me!
    Glad to see you are feeling good enough for sweet treats, can’t wait for more awesome posts!:)

  6. enjoying sweets again is always a good indicator that you’re recovering from being sick. I haven’t been walking as much as I like to lately but with the weather warming up a bit this week it might be a good time to get in some more walks.

  7. Glad to hear you’re feeling better! I have definitely been feeling more healthy this year than in years past but I attribute that to my holistic health education. The amazing machine that is your body tells you exactly what you need and exactly what’s coming, all you need to do is listen; which, if you’re half as stubborn as me, is more than half the battle! Say healthy!

  8. Last school year was the year of getting sick for me. I think I got sick about 5-6 times to the point where my husband was really concerned and convinced me to see a doctor, who of course made me feel like a hypochondriac. This year I think I’ve been sick once which is amazing for me. Maybe there are just good years and bad years.

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