Kindness Yoga

You all know I’m trying to take care of myself lately. . .  physically, emotionally, nutrition, everything.   I went far too long not listening to my body.  Sure, I was healthy (running 6-7 days a week for months), but I wasn’t valuing what my body needed/wanted.

During the honeymoon Zach and I discussed the importance of prioritizing my yoga practice again.   I know from the past how much I get out of a strong and consistent yoga practice, but I’ve allowed myself to focus on other elements of my life.  Well, I am making a vow to change that!  And last night I took my first step and took a class at Kindness Yoga in the Cherry Creek neighborhood of Denver.



Kindness Yoga has multiple studios all over the Denver area and offers a GREAT variety of classes darn near every 15 minutes during peak times.  Talk about convenient!  I had no problem finding a class that would fit my schedule, my only struggle was picking which one!  I ended up going with a Vinyasa 2/3 class at the Cherry Creek studio and could not be happier with my choice!

The studio itself is located right off 1st avenue, centrally located  and easy to find, which unfortunately means parking is challenging.  Plan to park in one of the garages or just give yourself a few minutes to find metered parking (1$ an hour) like I did.

My first impression of the studio was positive.   There is a small changing area for men and woman, a small-ish but beautifully decorated studio with mirrored wall and beautiful paintings on the wall.  And I’m going to be honest with you. . . the teacher (who greeted me and helped me register) was definitely attractive.  That’s always a positive, right ladies? No? 🙂

Something positive right off the bat that I recognized about the class was that I was the only new person in the class.  All of my classmates were regulars and on a first-name basis with the instructor.  I love that — it tells you the class is worth visiting when people keep coming back.

Personally for me, 60 minute CHALLENGING yoga classes are where it’s at.  And that’s exactly what I got with this class.  It was a 2/3, so I expected it, but boy did I get what I paid for.  When we held a plank before sun A, I knew it was going to be a good one.  When classes start going over 60 minutes (think 90 minutes) it starts being more of a mental challenge than physical challenge for me, so I have to be in the correct mindset.

We did a Sun A set followed by a Sun B set that the instructor flowed through at the perfect pace.  I REALLY loved that he switched it up for our third rotation as variation definitely keeps my mind and muscles interested.  The flow included a lot of Warrior 3, side plank and twists <—- 3 of my favorite things.  By the time we were cooling down, I was shocked that we were already finished but sufficiently wiped out.

photo 1-30

Overall I LOVED my experience at Kindness and am already looking into another class for Friday after work.  Perfect way to wrap up the week if I do say so myself :).


While I was registering, I noticed that they had an unbeatable offer for new clients right now!



30 days for 30 bucks? HELLO!  Honestly where can you find a deal like that?   I can’t recommend enough to my Denver locals, go check out a class! You will not be dissapointed.  And do like I did and pick up the 30/30 deal, because you’ll be going back 🙂

Question of the Afternoon:  What makes a good yoga class for you?


Taking Good Care Of Myself and a Recipe

You know what day it is today?




Midway through my first full week in almost a month and I gotta say, I’m doing pretty well.  I’m not saying work is all smiles and roses, but who expects that.  I get through my 9-5 and have been taking full advantage of my time OUTSIDE of that.

Ever since last week’s scare I have been constantly evaluating and reevaluating how I feel and what my body is telling me.  You all know I love being active, but just like everything in life there can be too much of a good thing and sometimes we need to find balance.  With snow on the ground, it makes it easier to find creative ways to utilize my small apartment gym and not focus so much on running as I had been.

For me, this balance has been:

  • More YOGA
  • More strength training (Hello NTC app.  LOVE it)
  • Lots of walks
  • Shorter, fewer runs

So far, my body feel strong and I think it’s appreciating the extra love :).

Kindness Yoga

Speaking of taking care of myself . . .

photo 1-30


I gave my body a special treat last night. I took my first class at Kindness Yoga Studios here in Denver (click on the picture for their link, this computer is being a little funny). The class was challenging but perfect in oh-so-many ways and was exactly what the doctor ordered.  I plan on doing a full recap of my experience later today, so stay tuned!

It was past 7 by the time I got home so needless to say I was hungry!  I was so thankful that I had taken some extra time in the morning to prep my meal.

photo 2-31


On the menu last night was Curried Chicken Salad for one!  Served on a toasted pretzel bun with a side of Whole Foods tortilla chips :).


photo 3-21

HEALTHY Curry Chicken Salad for One


  • 3-4 oz of plain, 0% milk fat Greek yogurt
  • 4 oz grilled chicken
  • 1 teaspoon (or a couple pinches to taste)
  • Handful of grapes
  • 1 small celery stalk
  • 1 heaping tablespoon of dried cranberries
  • Salt and pepper to taste


  • Put the yogurt in a small mixing bowl and mix in curry until well distributed
  • Add the chicken to the mixture
  • Halve the grapes and small chop the celery
  • Add the chopped vegetables along with the dried cranberries to the mix
  • Salt and pepper to taste
  • Enjoy!

photo 2-32


I of course toasted a little bun to go with mine, but you can serve this on top of any bread of choice or even greens! It was surprisingly delicious and EASY!  I let mine sit in the fridge all day and I think that did a lot for the flavors all coming together.  I will definitely make this again!

Treat of the day



I enjoyed more of the Immaculate Baking company cookies last night for my treat.  Seriously, if you have these in your local grocer, get them.  Super easy, gluten free, and delicious.  There really is nothing like a fresh baked cookie. . . and these are the best drop cookies I’ve found (you  know I’ve done my research).

This Morning

I had two anxious furballs vying for my attention well before 6 this morning — so it wasn’t TOO difficult to talk myself out of bed for a quick and dirty workout before the sun was up.

Workout of the Day: 3.16 miles in 30 minutes



I did an easy warm up mile and was feeling better than I have in awhile so decided to try and slowly integrate speed work back into my routine.  After my first easy mile, I did 400 repeats at 7.0-7.4 with 400 recovery in between until I reached 3 miles (4 sets).  I felt good at the end and walked it out until I hit 30 minutes.

I was surprised how strong I felt both this morning and at yoga last night. . . but I guess that shows I am doing something right with taking care of myself lately!

Be back later with a full recap of my Kindness Yoga experience 🙂

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