Back Home and Some Blog News

First off, thank you all for all the kind words from yesterday’s post from London.  The flight itself, minus being about an hour delayed due to some heavy winds, was fairly easy.  I watched 4 (yes, count them, 4 movies), and even finished my third book of the trip.

The movies included:

and two British films that I unfortunately cannot remember the titles too right now.   Zach and I both liked Runner Runner and were quite disturbed by The Counselor, incase you were wondering.   Anyone who wants a more in depth review, just ask ;).

As for the books, well there will absolutely be reviews. . . but my read yesterday was The Book Thief by Markus Zusak.  Again, I won’t go into too much detail now because I expect to do a full review shortly.

All-in-all the flight was about 10 hours and i was intent on not sleeping so that by the time I got to Denver I could work on regulating myself back to the Mountain time zone in Denver.   I was very successful, but literally the moment the plane touched down, I could feel myself starting to feel yucky.

For my followers on Instagram, you have a bit of inside knowledge into the fact that Zach and I got sick during our honeymoon.   By the midpoint of the trip, right before we left for Munich, Zach started feeling a twinge in his throat.  Well, I started catching a bit of that by the end of the trip, but thought I had primarily escaped it (my illness was more digestive…yay).  Until that plane landed.  My throat started closing up and I knew what was comin’ for me.  We had a long stop in Customs and baggage claim, but thankfully we made it home around 6 PM ready to see our furballs.

photo 3-16

this photo is actually from today but lord our furballs were CRAZY happy for us to get home…

Zach is amazing and knew that even though I wasn’t feeling well (and he didn’t necessarily agree with me doing this), 2 days of traveling = ASHLEY NEEDS TO SWEAT.  So, after we got our initial unloading done and over with, he excused me to the gym.

I wasn’t feeling great, and in hindsight should have either rested completely or stuck with low-impact cardio (LEARN YOUR LESSON ASHLEY). . . but either way kicked out a quick cardio/ab routine.

Workout: 3 sets of

  • Run 1 mile
  • 25 incline sit ups
  • 30 hip dips in forearm plank
  • 30 hip lifts
  • 25 leg lifts

By the time I was done, I knew I felt much more like myself, but also knew I was on the downhill.

Zach made us a simple salad with chicken to enjoy. . . and we were crashed before 10 PM.  I woke up this morning oddly enough having the digestive symptoms back, with my throat halfway improved.  Odd?  Either way, I wasn’t going to make the same mistake I did yesterday.

photo 5-11


The top half are the eats from last night (That chicken breast was stuffed with feta cheese and spinach.  YUM), and the bottom half was half of the peanut butter bagel I got down this morning.  I took it easy all morning, catching up on bad American TV and relaxing.

By noon I took Gusman to the corner grocery store and picked up some Ginger Kambocha and crackers

photo 1-21 photo 2-23


These crackers are actually pretty solid and have no preservatives, GMO or artificial colorings.  Ashley approved!  These were nice and easy on my stomach and along with the kambocha, helped to settle ‘er down a bit.

New Yoga Fav


As promised, I kept the activity low today as well.  I knew that high impact cardio of ANY KIND was a no-go at this point. . . so yoga and short walks with the pup it was.  I found this new Denise Austin Hot Body Yoga that I ended up loving.  Sure, Denise is cheesy, and probably not the best yogi, but this routine was a great 30 minute low impact routine that was different than the routines I normally do.  For those of you that do bikram yoga, it kind of reminded me more of that practice as she did a lot of stationary poses repeated twice — many of these directly from the bikram routine.  If you haven’t tried this video and are looking for a new yoga routine for the home, I highly recommend it!

Blog News

I’ve got some exciting news for Chocolate Medals!  I know I was MIA for two weeks, but that did not mean I wasn’t thinking about you all and my little home here on the web.   I hope you all know how much I have grown to love and appreciate this forum, and I took some time over the honeymoon to really try and get inspired to make it better.  I’ll be going into more detail as the weeks progress, but here are some ideas I have in mind:

  • Weekly recipes
  • Weekly workout ideas
  • Weekly inspirational shout outs/quotes
  • Weekly reviews (books, products, recipes, etc)

So once a week I will work to have at least one of each on the blog.  For me moving forward, it’s not so much about changing the content, but about being more intentional with how I do so.  I know I have a lot to say, and I am excited!  I hope you all stick around!

And on top of those changes, I of course have many exciting honeymoon posts to come!  Just a few to tease you:

  • Honeymoon workouts/activities
  • Honeymoon EATS
  • Austrian/European culture
  • Travel experiences (plane, train and automobile!)
  • Day trip to Munich
  • European food

I hope you all have had a great President’s Day, at home, vacation or at work!

Question of the Day: Did you have today off?  If you did, what did you do for your extra day?