Chilly Morning!

I woke up this morning with quite a chill in the air, both in our apartment and on my walk with Gus outside.  It’s a nice relief, and a great benefit of living in Denver that no matter how warm the day may get, mornings and late evenings are cool.

(The apartment may or may not have been cool because I left the air conditioning on, with all the windows open, etc.  Let’s hope Zach doesn’t read this one from North Carolina :).

Anyway, back to last night:

After I left you I spent the rest of the evening watching bad TV (hello Des…let’s not give my opinion there) and enjoying yummy Whole Food mini cookies (or at least I am going to call them mini to make me feel better about dominating 2).


The cookies crumbled thanks to Gusman sitting on my grocery bag while he was FLAILING around the car on our way home.  Nothing like butt smashed cookies for dessert (at least they were protected from said puppy butt by TWO bags because you know I still ate them).

I always miss Zach when he’s gone, but I do enjoy these slow, chocolate filled evenings and relaxing with my furbabbies  while he’s away :).


I slept fairly well and woke up this morning ready for a work out.  On the schedule today was a strength day, so this morning looked something like this:

5 minute warm up on the bike

Women’s World Core/full body routine from July/August edition.

Quick in-between on the bike

15 X 3 of leg press at 40 lbs

15 X 3 bicep curls with 10 lbs each arm

15 X 3 of incline sit ups

15 X 3 core twists

(I also plan to try and get some version of one of my “100’s” work outs in later today, either at lunch or at home, so I’ll get back to you in that!)

After my workout, Gusman and I went out for a walk, then I got ready and headed to work.  As I mentioned earlier, it was a beautiful, slightly chilly morning, so we both enjoyed the morning air.

I’m currently snacking on my first work snack of the day…yoplait boston creme pie yogurt with a small box of granola that I may or may not have taken with me from the breakfast buffet yesterday 🙂 (along with some peanut butter, duh).


Disclaimer: I am not saying/advocating  eating this yogurt as a part of my healthy living lifestyle…It is literally something I just had in the work fridge and went well with granola (also probably not the best and full of high fructose corn syrup among many other items).

As a more general rule of thumb, I try NOT to eat things that have a longer ingredient list than the declaration, including too many things I can’t pronounce — but sometimes my snacks are work are out of desperation and eating whenever I have a second between clients.

As for after work, I have what is supposed to be my FINAL DRESS FITTING 🙂  So you absolutely know that I Will be back with an update on that!

(PS:  I just want to get this post up and running,I’ll update it from home tonight with pictures 🙂  This may be a common theme, I’ll update during lunch at work, and add pictures at night.  We’ll see as I keep learning!)

Update:  Pics added obviously 🙂

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