Just another day in paradise

So since the morning was filled with our pup excitement (see previous post) — I did not post a regular workout post or update from last night.

Until now ūüôā

Last night was primarily spent relaxing with the family. ¬†We had some delish bison steaks, sweet potatoes baked as chips, and fresh green beans, all from Whole Foods (a luxury in this household). ¬†I didn’t snap a picture, because while delicious, it wasn’t very photogenic and we actually served it up family style instead of on plates. ¬†We’re classy.

I did get some pictures of the beautiful sun beginning to set over the mountains  from our upstairs patio though


I love Denver.

And I also got a picture of the most important part of the evening.  Desert:


Zach and I split both and they were perfection. ¬†Along with some caramel chocolate and ginger pieces that I may have snagged before dinner. ¬†I’m a snack monster at night….

So that was the bulk of our relaxing evening before a crazy morning today. ¬†I did manage to squeeze in a 45 minute seated hatha yoga class online this afternoon (since I had some free time on my hands…), which was nice for my rest day.

80 minutes planned running tomorrow (now I’m accountable, right?). ¬† And a pizza/Denver Beer Co date night planned tonight. ¬†Good way to end a crazy start to a day.


Well it’s about 3:30 in the afternoon on a Friday and I’m at home hanging out with the family . . . while it is nice to be home so early on a Friday, what got me here was not so fun. ¬†Let me backtrack a bit…

So, I’ve mentioned my wonderful family. ¬†The youngest member of that family is Gus.


I know…could he be more adorable?

Gus is our (guessing) 3 year old shepherd mix.  We rescued him about 2 years ago from PAWS, a no kill agency in Chicago.  He, along with our other furball August


make up our furry children.  Lovely, the both of em :).

A little history before today’s story: ¬†Around December we started noticing some odd symptoms with Gus. ¬†He had some open wounds showing up around his hind legs that never seemed to heal, eventually turning into a very swollen back leg. ¬†After multiple trips to the vet, including a couple nights in the ICU and medical boarding, we found out Gus has a rare skin disorder, eyrathema multiforme, (http://www.vetbook.org/wiki/dog/index.php/Erythema_multiforme). ¬†While it was tough to know we have a sick puppy, it was a relief to know that we could manage it and make our boy comfortable again.

Since then, Gusman has been on a low dose steroid daily and human food diet to control symptoms. He has fairly consistently been doing better since and gaining a bit of weight back that he lost (down from 65-about 47…yikes).

Well…Back to this morning — Zach woke up to notice that he had what appeared to be an open, gapping mass on his mouth/face. ¬†Needless to say, we were pretty panicked and didn’t know what to do. ¬†Zach tried to reach out to our dermatologist/specialist (yes, or pup sees a dermatologist and I’ve never even seen one), but by midday we hadn’t heard from him and decided I’d leave work and we’d just take him to the ER. ¬†We’re planning to leave for Indianapolis tomorrow but couldn’t imagine leaving Gusman so sick.

So…fast forward to the vet. ¬†We were all extremely anxious, as our history with the vet has rarely had us leaving with good news. ¬†But, after some testing by the VERY nice ER doctor, looks like our boys giant mass was actually just a bunch of puss and bacteria. ¬†This caused by either ¬†a good swat by our lady furball, or his affinity for getting into every possible, leading to likely a tiny scratch that got infected. ¬†The vet cleaned the heck out of the wound, lanced it, and cut off a piece to test. ¬†So, a couple hundred $$ bills later, we have our furball back at home, with another new shaved spot, this time on his mouth, with a mixture of drool/blood constantly flowing (I spare you the image).

Lord we love this dog :).

Good news, he’s going to be fine. ¬†He will be in medical boarding through the weekend, and we will still be going on vacation (all recommendations by the vet).

Seriously dog. ¬†We love you…but keep your nose out of where it don’t belong! ¬†– Sincerly, Mom and Dad.Image