Okinawa Japanese

Last night Zach and I went out to celebrate my end of an era with a special mid week date night {I’m so lucky}.

We started our evening at WestEnd for a happy hour drink

photo 1 (18)

Zach and I have been to West End many times are always love it.  They’ve got great drinks, great food, and an awesome outdoor area to lounge and enjoy an evening.  The only weird thing I will say about their outdoor patio, and maybe this is just me, but they do allow smoking in one section, so it is kind of smokey.

Were I enjoyed my first Moscow Mule.  I gotta say I love ginger so this isn’t too surprising, but YUM.   The bartender was a little heavy handed {he said he forgets to count to four} and even used gluten free vodka for me!  WIN.

Once our appetites were wetted, we headed to the main event of the evening: Okinawa Japenese also in the Tennyson neighborhood.


We walked in and were immediately taken to our seats.  Within a few minutes, a waitress came to let us know that their happy hour special was two for one wine, beer and sake.  SCORE

photo 4 (15)

Obviously Zach was excited about the news!

We wanted to enjoy the evening (and now knew we both had two drinks to enjoy) so we staged our dinner.

photo 3 (16)

Our first two rolls were a philly and a mango roll.  Both light and fresh, even though the shrimp was fried (not gluten friendly, I know).

photo 5 (13)

Our second rolls were a sweet potato and a fourth roll that I can’t remember but was spicy and delicious!

photo 2 (16)

By the end of the evening, and my third drink, I was feeling a little foggy but VERY happy.  We walked out from dinner to rain and had a good walk ahead of us, but I didn’t mind.

Somewhere between dinner and the walk home, I decided I needed Dairy Queen.  Not my best decision.  Let’s just say I woke up at around 1230 and did not get back to bed until after 4.  No more crappy food for this girl.

This Morning

Thankfully, I was able to sleep in, and around 830 got up and slowly enjoyed some coffee.   I knew my body needed to chill today but could also use some serious detox after the booze and ice cream, so I hit a 930 Hot Power Fusion yoga class at Core Power.

photo (2)

Just what the doctor ordered.  And now I am dominating a SoBe water and getting ready to make a huge brunch.  I think eggs are on the menu today…

What’s your cure when you have too much fun these days?

Arms! and Good Eats

Good morning everyone 🙂

Before I get down to business, I want to send love and safe vibes to all my family and friends in the Saint Louis area.  I always feel as though my blog isn’t the appropriate place to address such serious topics, but St Louis and the surrounding neighborhoods will always be home for me so I feel the pain and sadness.   Be safe, Ferguson and all those in the surrounding areas.

Yesterday Afternoon

I managed to squeeze in a quick stretch session during my lunch as planned, as well as stock up on some awesome Gluten Free goodies.


I haven’t been talking about it much, but I am still working towards a Gluten Free diet for the time being.  I don’t feel that I’ve given it enough time to know for sure how gluten affects me, and I’m still finding myself surprised by little things that include Gluten so I’ve been far from completely gluten free.   All I know is these past couple of weeks I’ve felt better than I have in ages, so my body is happy :).


My plan called for some more Arm work yesterday afternoon, so I challenged myself with two more arm routines, this time from my NTC app.

photo 2 (3) photo 1 (1)

Lemme tell ya, my arms were SHAKING during and after these routines.


{gratuitous arm shot…my husband will love this}

Zach was working away in the garden for the afternoon, so after my work out I grabbed a bottle of water and watched the boy work :).  Not a shabby afternoon.


On the menu tonight was grilled chicken and salads.  We ended up getting the same kabobs we tried last week from Sprouts because we enjoyed them so much the previous week.


My comparison on instagram of my salad versus Zach’s serving bowl of greens.  Man boys can eat!


My salad included some greens from the garden underneath all those fresh veggies and fruits.  Last nights included: broccoli, mushrooms, celery, scallions, pepper and a couple raspberries from the garden.  YUM!


I also wanted to try some of my new goodies, so I added some crunch to the meal by way of craackers



I actually really enjoyed this brand and would absolutely try them again.  They were thin and airy, but full of flavor! Totally satisfying.

We wrapped up our evening with the series finale of The Office on netflix before both going to bed early.  I think we’re still recovering from a long weekend!

this Morning

I got to sleep in this morning knowing that the only thing on schedule was my yoga for runners, which both were glorious :).  A 715 wake up call + 25 minutes of stretching and opening up my little sore runners joints?  Perfection!

What’s your favorite body part to strength train? 

Weekly Round Up

Happy Saturday 🙂

I worked a half day yesterday so I managed to squeeze in a nice little 3 mile hike after work.  Perfect little afternoon pick me up.   Zach finished up some work and I relaxed around the house until about 430 when we went out for date night, including a couple stops for drink and GREAT sushi.  Perfect equation for this girl 🙂  I’ll get to that more later, but for now, let’s talk about my work outs for the week.

Workouts For the Week

3 runs


  • 3.5 miler in Breck
  • 4.8 miler with hill repeats
  • 3 miler for the workout that wasn’t


3 yoga classes

photo 1

  • 1 mountain class at the Double tree
  • 1 sculpt
  • 1 hot power fusion


One arm strength work out


2 hikes


3 short morning yoga routines at home


3 lunch walks


plus a tough run this morning. . . 

Nothing over the top by itself but overall a good mix of cardio, strength, and yoga with active recovery.  I’ll take it.  Zach and I have a relay race we’re participating in in a couple weeks, so our work outs will likely start looking a little lighter while we taper.

Plus some pictures from Date night






Just to tide you over 🙂

Have a great Sunday everyone!

What was your favorite work out this week?