Workout Roundup week of August 23

Good morning and Happy Friday All!


Another week almost in the books ūüôā

Workout Roundup

This week was a fairly good week in terms of sticking to my planned worked outs.  My workout schedule for the week looked like:

  • Monday: ¬†YOGA! Reset the body for the week
  • Tuesday: Speed work 45 minutes + possible PM yoga class
  • Wednesday: 60 minutes cycling easy
  • Thursday: Easy run outdoors
  • Friday: Rest/Yoga
  • Saturday: Long run 100 minutes
  • Sunday: Recovery run or hike

And in practice, my work outs looked like

  • Monday: 2.43 SPEEDY miles + yoga
  • Tuesday: Speed run – 45 minutes for 4.75 miles
  • Wednesday: 60 minutes cycling for 20 miles
  • Thursday: ¬†Recovery treadmill run for 4.25 miles
  • Friday: REST ūüôā

I also had a GREAT long run (10 miles WHAT!), a family hike (7.1 miles) to round out last weekend and begin this week, and continued work on my Challenge through out the week, so overall I feel pretty darn good about how the week shaped up.

I slept in this morning, so there was no AM yoga, and I am A-OK with that. ¬†I am hoping to squeeze in stretching and yoga through out the day however I can (think stretching challenge, ha), and maybe even throwing in a quick yoga 100’s at lunch :). ¬† Otherwise, I have my wonderful compression sleeves on under my work clothes, a chocolate coconut water ready to drink, and some carbo-licious foods to eat to help me prep for my long run tomorrow.




Question of the Morning:  How were your work outs this week?

Workouts for the Week August 12

Happy Monday everyone! ¬†I miss the weekend already, but let’s get going this week and another weekend will be here before we know it ūüôā

My body has a tendency to really feel miles after a month of so of consistent training. ¬†When that happens, I try to respect that and incorporate more yoga into my daily routine and make my miles count when they’re squeezed in there.

With a sore body, and busy wedding schedule this week, I am (very tentatively) planning out my workouts for the week.

Workout Plan for the Week August 12

  • Monday: Yoga @ home …and as much of it as possible
  • Tuesday: Yoga @ home …and short strength training
  • Wednesday: 5-6 miles + yoga class in the PM
  • Thursday: 3 mile run and yoga @ home
  • Friday: Rest/Yoga
  • Saturday: Long run (75-90 minutes)
  • Sunday: Recovery run: 40¬†minutes



Question:  Is anyone else feeling the strains and pains of training right now?  What do you do when this happens?

Workout Plan For The Week August 5-11.

Another Monday, another week.

We enjoyed a lazy Sunday evening after our crazy project/trashing of the apartment ūüôāDSCN0025DSCN0032DSCN0034

For the first time in a long time, I was unable to finish my entire¬†dessert¬†¬†(I ate most of it, but did need to share with Zach, I made those puppies HUGE). ¬†DELISH though…seriously.


Monday mornings are always the most difficult for me to get out of bed and work out, and today was no exception. ¬†Zach let me know that he was willing to run with me after work (probably..depending on weather and his schedule) so I wanted to leave myself open to running with the boy (that and I really wanted the extra sleep this morning). ¬† Hold me to this!! Don’t let me skip my work out after work!

I’m always less awake when I don’t work out in the morning — and I am definitely feeling that this AM. ¬†Reminder: don’t skip AM workouts!

Workout Plan For the Week

I meant to do this last week, just never got to it with the travels and wedding. ¬†But each week, I’d like to post a plan of action for the week ahead every Monday morning ¬†(so the workouts will be for Monday-Sunday of the coming week). ¬†This is helpful for accountability for me, as I am putting it out there that I will get my workouts done, and hopefully it is something of interest to some of you (please let me know if that is not the case, of course :).


Workout Plan August 5-August 11.

  • Monday August 5 – Speed Work 45 minutes treadmill/run outside with Zach
  • Tuesday August 6 – ¬†Strength training (focusing on strength for runners this week)
  • Wednesday August 7 – Speed Work 45 minutes treadmill
  • Thursday August 8 – Stationary bike – 60 minutes with 10 minute intervals
  • Friday August 9 – Rest/Yoga
  • Saturday August 10 – Long Run – 90 minutes
  • Sunday August 11 – Recovery Run – 40 minutes


Let’s Do It!