Busy Morning!

Phew!  It’s only a little after 11 and I feel like I’ve had a whole day behind me!

Picture 022


We’ll get to the fun stuff a little later. . . business first 🙂

CRASHED after I finished my evening post last night.  Zach said one second we were laying watching TV on the couch, then the next second he looked back and I was dead to the world.  I guess I needed some rest!


I crawled out of bed this morning and did a nice and easy recovery run on the treadmill.

Workout For the Day

  • 4.20 miles
  • 5 minutes @ 6.1
  • 5 minutes @ 6.2
  • Steady run at 6.3, with one minute at 8 every 5 minutes until 4 miles
  • Include walk it out @ 8% @ 3.7 until 40 minutes.

This morning was one of those that I was very thankful I had you all around to hold me accountable and get out of bed.  I knew I had a busy morning ahead and was going to want to relax by the time I got off from work late tonight.

When I got upstairs from my run there were a few surprises for us from Zach’s amazing work group

Picture 001

How beautiful and thoughtful is that?

Picture 002


Zach is a project manager, and this little flow chart was a mock to his projects, but focused on marriage lessons.

I laughed for a good 5 minutes going through these.  My favorite one

No matter how many times you unload and reload the dishwasher, your spouse will still think their way is the right way.

It’s like the team KNOWS that is our thing.  Zach seriously HATES the way I load the dishwasher (I’m a little careless) and I constantly hear him in the mornings moving things around before he thinks I’m awake.  Hysterical 🙂

Along with those gifts they sent us a VERY generous Macy’s gift card that is already burning a hole in our pockets!

After the fun of the workout and present opening, Zach and I had big plans for the morning :).

But first . . . Zach wanted to me to share with him the joy of our new juicer for the first time.

Picture 003

2 huge carrots, baby carrots, a pear, apple, left over salad, 2 beats. . .

Picture 004

Picture 006

Picture 007

Look at it go!

Picture 008

Picture 009


It was surprisingly good!  VERY fresh and flavorful.  The flavors of the carrot and beats were the most prominent.

And just like that, we were fueled and ready for our morning at the COURT HOUSE! 🙂

Marriage license update to come next 🙂





18 days . . . AHH!

Good Morning and Happy Tuesday 🙂

I’m in a great mood this morning because I found a new flavor of my favorite yoghurt . . .

Picture 004


Picture 003


If you guys like yogurt and haven’t heard of Noosa, please try and find it.

As a Colorado local now, I’m a bit partial to this stuff, but honestly this stuff is the best yogurt I’ve ever had (and I’ve had a lot).

Per their website:

You honestly can’t believe how beautiful it is in Noosa until you’ve seen it with your own eyes. Tucked away on Australia’s Sunshine Coast, this little shire is surrounded by sandy beaches, cool fresh rivers, and lush rainforests. There’s even a national park, where you can go walkabout and spot sleepy koalas swaying in the gum trees above.

“Sounds positively lovely,” you might be thinking, “but what does any of it have to do with this delicious yoghurt I’m eating?”

Don’t get your knickers in a knot! We’re getting there.

You see, we don’t think it’s a coincidence that the recipe for our uniquely thick and velvety, deliciously tangy/sweet yoghurt was created in such a paradise.

Nor is it a coincidence that when our founders landed in the Colorado foothills and found a similar culture here—gorgeous natural scenery and locals who love to play in it—they felt instantly at home.

They also knew it would be a great place to make the best yoghurt in the world for their mates in the US of A, which is how Noosa got its start here, and why you’re enjoying it now.


I’ve tried many of the other flavors, and am very excited about the peach!  Now go find yourself some 🙂 Trust me you won’t regret it


I really had to talk myself out of bed this morning . . . but after an indulgent meal and 2 glasses of wine last night, I shouldn’t have been too surprised about that.

Either way, after 20 minutes of some serious self chat, I put my big girl pants and hit the gym for my speed workout.  And now, I’m so glad I did 🙂

Today’s Workout: 45 minute speed work out 4.75 miles

  • 1-10 progressive run 6.0 – 6.9 increasing on the minute
  • 11-20 1 minute at 8.5-9.3 (progressive increase each minute) followed by 1 minute at  4.1 at 2% incline
  • 21-30 1 minute at 8.5-9.3 (progressive increase each minute) followed by 1 minute @ 6.1 
  • 30-40 6.0 – 6.3 progressive run increased every other minute
  • 40-4.5 3.7 @ 8% incline

It was a tough, sweaty work out that left me whipped but happy!


Yesterday was day 6 of the challenge, which means today is the last day!  I’m really looking forward to doing a recap and review of this past week because it’s been eye opening!  Yesterday I completed:

  • 150 second plant + 10 hip hips
  • 50 calf raises (2 sets of 25)
  • 32 push ups (real)
  • 50 reverse crunches
  • 50 squats

Not my best day — but work was busier than normal and I had date night…so that’s OK.  I still squeezed in some strength that otherwise would have been neglected!

Ok — time for work 🙂  I’ll be back this afternoon with a review of an exciting new product that Zach and I received as a wedding gift.  Here’s a hint



Hair and Make Up Trial for the Big Day!


The wedding fun continues!  But first…




The zucchini bread at work by 10:00 AM :).  I love that people enjoyed it (and yes, I may have had some myself! I can’t help it!)


I snacked on an fresh apricot when I recognized that I am probably turning into a zucchini, but neither photographed well.




Juicy…not photogenic but delicious.

Still working on photographing food…I’ll get there 🙂



Hair and Make Up Trial

If there is one thing I learned tonight, it’s that I don’t like much make up. . . I guess I’m a weird one!

Anyway — the trial was in Evergreen, CO.  About 45 minutes from Denver heading into the front range mountains.



It’s a bit of a haul, but man is it beautiful.




I had some ideas of what I wanted for my hair beforehand, but really hadn’t done much specific research until today at work (I’m awful, I know).   I knew I wanted it up, and visible from the front.  With those ideas, I came up with



I figured it could work with my bangs, and it would have an element of texture and body in the front, exactly what I want.

When I showed this to Jules, my hair and make up woman, she was fairly confident it would work with my hair which pleasantly surprise me.

I took lots of pictures, but want to share the full reveal for the big day, so I’m only going to share one picture 🙂



I know it doesn’t show much, but I’m excited for how it turned out and looking forward to it on the big day!

The make up wasn’t so easy.

As I mentioned, I am just not someone who wears a lot of make up…One because I don’t know how to apply or wear it, and two because I think I look a little weird with it on.

With that said, I made some notes, and am confident that on the day of, Jules will have me looking like a glowing, beautiful version of myself!  It was a great experience overall and I really like Jules, which is huge because we’ll be spending a lot of time together day of  :).  One fun side note:  she kept telling me how beautiful of a face I have…just kept saying it.  Now, let me say that while I don’t have any self confidence issues and am happy with my appearance, I’ve never thought of myself as beautiful.  But to be honest, the way she was saying it while she was studying my features made me smile.  It wasn’t in a condescending way, more just a “that made my day” kind of way.  Does that make sense?


The trial went until about 745, and by that time I was borederline HANGRY (hungry+angry, it’s a dangerous place for me to reach).  I called Zach when I left and being the amazing man that he is, I came home to a fully prepped dinner of steak (farmer’s market), corn on the cob, and grilled zucchini.




Amazing!  Everything was so fresh and flavorful.  I love the market!


After dinner, I had a build up of anxious energy inside that needed to be let out :).  Between a long day at work followed by a longer-than-expected appointment and very little exercise today, I knew the only way to get my energy out was a quick work out.

Enter my favorite:  8 minute workouts!





Trust me, you would have been really impressed if Zach got a picture doing the 8 minute arms.  It’s amazing stuff…

So, my full work out of the day:

Workout of the Day

  • Seated hatha yoga – 45 minutes AM
  • Lunch yoga (done in our break room, but was a nice 30 minute break)
  • 8 minute abs, arms and buns.

I am sticking with taking it easy of running and really just listening to my body this week. . .  the plan this week may need to be a  little more flexible than normal, but we will see!  Hopefully no less than what I posted 🙂

Well — it’s now almost 10 here, so I think it’s time to eat myself a Cookie and head to bed soon.  Good night all!