How Do You Unwind?

Monday’s are my formal appointment days at work — so they are normally pretty busy.  Today was SUPER busy, and I didn’t have a moments break between clients until after 3 PM.

The day was crazy — but a crazy day = a fast day, which is A-OK for this girl!

Zach had some errands he had to run today, including our favorite place in the world, the DMV — so I was a nice wife and let him have the car today.  That meant after my crazy day, I got to sit down on the West Line train, and zone out for 20 or 30 minutes for my ride home.



Let me tell ya — it may take a little while longer to get home by train, but it is so nice to be able to put my feet up, read and enjoy a snack.

Not to mention, the 15 minute walk home in the sunshine isn’t quite too shabby either.



I got home — made some more cookies. . .

DSC_0224 DSC_0220


recipe tomorrow afternoon

And sat down to relax with Zach and some Boardwalk Empire.




A healthy girls cocktail — sparkling water and kambucha.



Not too shabby.

And now — I’ve been told I’ve got some Sequence playing and sandwiches waiting for me .  I hope you all don’t mind if I save my recap for tomorrow :).  Seems like I’m all about unwinding this Monday night.


Have a great Monday night all!

Question of the Night:  What show are you guys in LOVE with right now?  

Boardwalk Empire is our current obsession — but I know there are lots of good ones right now!