I ENJOYED Traffic?!

I think I ate too much cake last night because my dreams were ALL over the place.



I’m going to spare you all the details. . . but maybe 2 pieces of cake at 930 PM isn’t the best idea.  Just saying. . .

totally worth it though…

This Morning

By the time I snapped out of dream world, it was 725, which means no AM workout.  Normally I’d be frustrated about that, but this morning I was A-OK with it.

Partly because last nights yoga class was tough on the shoulder work and I woke up with a creak in my neck and back. . . (nothing some stretching and aspirin through out the day can’t help)



And also because I wanted to give myself the option of running outside today, and the AM’s are starting to be dark and cold here around Denver… I can handle cold OK, but I cannot handle dark, and especially not dark AND cold.  AM runs are probably going to be stuck on the treadmill for the most part from here on out. . . But at least now I have options for tonight.

My workout options for tonight are:

Option 1:  Run hill repeats outside

Option 2: Mile repeats/speed work on the treadmill

Last week all of my runs were done on the friendly little machine, so I am hopeful to get outdoors.  I’ll keep you all up to date.


The REAL odd part of the morning.  .  . 

I got ready and was out the door by 810, my normal time.

I ran downstairs and was out the door, ready for a quiet ride to work.

Until I hit this. . .


In the year plus that I’ve lived in Denver, I have only hit traffic ONCE on my way to work, and the first time I was actually able to avoid it.

So, this mornings traffic was the first time I’ve had to sit in commuters traffic since moving to Denver.

The odd part?

I was happy to see the traffic.  I sat back, and just relaxed.  I actually ENJOYED the slow move of the traffic and the fact that no matter what I did, I couldn’t go anywhere.  Traffic was completely out of my control.   Normally that would freak this Type-A girl out. . . but instead this morning I basked in it.  I knew I was going into a crazy day at work, so I took traffic as a bit of quiet time before the day.

What has gotten into me? I actually ENJOYED traffic?

After about 30 minutes, I made it up to the wreck.  Fortunately. people seemed to be walking around and OK, but there were at least 5 cars and some looked pretty seriously impacted.  My thoughts are with everyone in the wreck. . . I hope everyone made it out safely.

So anyway — that’s my odd morning.  Weird dreams, sleeping through a workout, and ENJOYING traffic.  Who am I becoming?

Question of the Day:  Have you ever been happy to hit traffic?

Today was definitely a first for me. . .