Friday Round Up Goodbye October

Into November and another Friday Round up to post! 🙂


Favorite Run

Can I count my half from Sunday?


That would ABSOLUTELY be my favorite run of the week, if we can consider Sunday 🙂

Otherwise, I’d say my first run back post-race on Wednesday.  Yes it was on the treadmill, and yes I took it easy, but man it felt good!

Favorite Treat

DSC_0371 DSC_0370

This raspberry crumble bar from Gallop Cafe that Zach left for me as a surprise when I got home.  DELISH, and I may just have to get another for this weekend 😉

Favorite Eat


The delicious, homemade meal my neighbors made for me Wednesday night.  What a treat!  Baked chicken, quinoa and out of this WORLD brussel sprouts!

Favorite Moment


OFFICIALLY changing my last name :).  I have been wanting to do this for so long, and it was such a cool moment when it was actually done.

And unfortunately, I was a bad blogger this week and didn’t really have any exciting meals or much else fun food-wise to post!

DSCN1319DSC_0374DSC_0375DSC_0361 DSC_0360DSC_0376DSCN1323

A LOT of salads, quinoa, and chicken for this lady this week. Simple, but good!

Friday Favorites

  1. August and Gus: they have been SO sweet and affectionate these past couple of weeks with Zach traveling.  Being alone would have been TOTALLY different without them!
  2. My Parents:  Way to be by my side and be my number one cheerleaders this weekend, and always!  I wouldn’t have made it with out you :).
  3. thinkThin Creamy PB bars: Simple, I know…but I won a box of these and I have LOVED having them around.  Unfortunately I finished my last one today! Bumma…send me another box?
  4. Rock And Roll:  I have run two RnR halves, and they both have been VERY well organized and full of energy.  Way to be
  5. Simple salads: because this girl needs her nutrients but doesn’t want to cook for one all the time.  Yum.

That’s all from me 🙂 I’ll be back later this evening, as always 🙂

Question of the Afternoon: As always, one Friday Favorite today.

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