A Fun 30 minute Work Out and The Challenge

Another night in the life of the ever exciting Single Ashley world 🙂

That means:

Another Whole Foods Bowl

photo 2photo 4-11


More Yoga

photo 5-7









More Bad TV

photo 5 (1)


The furballs judge me . . .


I actually had a ton of energy after work to burn off (LONG day)  so I decided on a very quick and dirty mini-workout.

  • 1 mile warm up (845)
  • 50 incline sit ups
  • Yoga

The perfect mix of cardio, strength and yoga for a quick and fun 30 minute work out.

This workout actually reminded me of the fun challenge  I did when I first started the blog.  Do my from-the-beginning readers remember this?  I’m actually now thinking about incorporating it into the honeymoon.  I want to relax and not have much of ANYthing scheduled during the 2 weeks, including specific work outs.  The challenge was a great way to squeeze in strength training whenever I had a minute or two.  Perfect for busy 9-5’ers, or honeymooners 😉

What do you all think?  Would YOU do the challenge during your honeymoon or a relaxing vacation?