Ashley’s A B C’s

A B C’s

A is for age: 28

B is for breakfast today: Some odwalla juice, and my weight in carrots and pineapple.

C is for currently craving: The peanut butter Cliff Bar in my desk. Is that bad?  Of course, I tell myself I can’t eat them and it’s all I want now! I should probably just throw them away. . .

D is for dinner tonight: Let’s go with last night’s dinner.  Salad, half a veggie burger with cheddar cheese, some steak and carrot chips.  YUM

photo 3 photo 5 photo 1

E is for favorite type of exercise: Running and yoga

photo 1

F is for irrational fear: This is going to sound completely cheeseball, but I have to say losing those I love.  It’s something that I’ve always worried about, ever since I was a kiddo.

G is for gross food: Hmmmmm….I’m a texture person.  So anything gooey.

H is for hometown: I grew up in Glen Carbon, IL but was born in Granite City, IL.

I is for something important: My families and my health.

J is for current favorite jam: Oh man, that’s tough.  Let’s just go with my hubbie and I’s song, since our wedding anniversary is coming up.  I Won’t Give Up, by Jason Mraz.

K is for kids: Do fur babies count?

photo 4


L is for current location: Denver, CO

M is for the most recent way you spent money:  Buying a HOUSE! I had no clue how much money I would spend…

photo 1 (1)

N is for something you need: Once again, I know this is going to sound cheesy, but bear with me.  For the last few months, I have been PRAYING for change.  And I am finally at a point in all this craziness that I think I can honestly say I don’t feel like I NEED anything.  I feel incredibly blessed with my family, house, and (new) job! <—Catch that?  Details soon 🙂

O is for occupation: Currently Case Manager for homeless or at risk of being homeless, but new things to come!

P is for pet peeve: I HATE when people repeat things. I k now this sounds super weird, but bear with me.   Think you’re in the middle of an argument and somebody keeps saying something repeatedly to get under your skin.   Anybody with me on this one?

Q is for a quote: “good things happen to good people”

R is for random fact about you: I’m a pretty laid back person in general, but have serious anxiety when it comes to getting seats when I’m eating out.   Yes, I am very weird, but it’s a joke between Zach and I that I will run over small women and children on my way to get into the door of a busy resturant.

S is for favorite healthy snack: Right now, fresh fruit.  I’m loving pineapple and strawberries cold from the fridge!

T is for favorite treat: Oh sweet lord?  This is a tough question.  I am a cookie girl and ALWAYS love an M&M or Monster cookie the size of my head 🙂

U is for something that makes you unique: I’m 5′ nothin’

V is for favorite vegetable:  Carrots!  But really I love em all

photo 5

W is for today’s workout: 30 minute strength routine focused on my upper body this AM, planning a hot yoga class tonight.

X is for X-rays you’ve had: I’ve had a bunch on my back (damn gymnastics) and lots of my mouth for oral surgeries.

Y is for yesterday’s highlights: A good run with the hubby and nice afternoon dinner and glass of wine enjoyed outside with my family.

Z is for your time zone: Mountain

Hit me with your favorite letter!

Olympic Survey From Carrots’N’Cake

Hello again everyone! Are you over the hump yet where you’re at?

Zach and I have a fun date planned for the evening, so I thought I’d have a survey set up for you all that I found on Tina’s page (  She’s basically the mother of healthy living blogging, so I’m sure you are familiar with her.  But if you aren’t, be sure to check her out!

What do you do regularly to feel good about your body?









Running is my wonder drug.   For me, it can make a bad day magically turn around, and only improves the already good days.  That doesn’t necessarily mean that running is always easy — heck no.  It’s tough!  But that’s just one of the many reasons I love it.

Have you ever taken part in a fad diet or workout?

I have all kinds of history with food — but fad diets hasn’t ever really played a huge part in my life.  For a couple days when I was in high school, I tried the Atkin’s diet with my Mom, but that did NOT last.  Yes, just a couple days.  I couldn’t stand one more jello cup!

With that said, I was a chubby little kiddo and that crept into my adolescent years.  It definitely affected the way I felt about my body and I went through long periods of time with very unhealthy relationships with food and my body.

It has taken a lot of time, focused effort, and support to get to where I am today.  But I am thankful for the body I have, and everything it can accomplish.  It has gotten me through 3 tough half marathons, running streaks, years of doing hot yoga, and still stands strong.  That’s pretty amazing.

Do you use fitness apps?

I use DailyMile regularly to keep track of the miles I run, but that’s really the only application I use (and I don’t even use it on my phone).  I did recently add MapMyRun to my iPhone, but Zach wouldn’t let me run with it outdoors without a case so I haven’t gotten to use it yet!

What’s a go-to race-day meal?

I have gone in and out of phases.

When I first started running, I would eat Trader Joe’s peanut butter granola bars before my long runs.  They were tasty and something I didn’t necessarily mind chomping down when I wasn’t hungry.

Before my first half, I ate half of a bagel with light peanut butter.  But for my last 2 races, I have had Larabars.   They have also been my go-to prelong run fuel for awhile and have never upset my stomach.  With that said, I have been known to bonk pretty regularly in long runs, so maybe it isn’t enough?

Do you listen to music to get pumped up before races?

I absolutely do.  I’m normally a ball of nerves before a big race, so I not only use the music to pump me up, I use the music to keep me in the zone.   Before Steamboat (A very small race), all of us runners kind of huddles together and had music playing over the loud speaker.  That was probably my favorite pre-race music experience.  Very different than the huge RnR’s, for whatever reason.

Any good luck charms or pre-race rituals?

Not that I can think of.  I don’t have any lucky clothes or something I NEED to keep on my body come race day.

With that said, I hardly do ANY runs anymore with out my ProCompression Socks…does that count?

When do you feel sexiest?

After a run, for sure.  There is something about the endorphin high mixed with the fact that my body feels incredibly strong that is pretty friggin awesome :).



Time for another fun survey everyone 🙂 Today’s was found by one of my FAVORITE bloggers,  If you haven’t, check her out.  Promise you’ll want to be her BFF after one post.

Current Book(s):

I am currently reading the last book in the DIVERGENCE series, Allegiant.


I started it with a vengence on my trip to and from St Louis, but have slowed down recently.  Doesn’t mean I’m not loving it. . . I have less than a quarter left but just keep finding distractions when I’m trying to read it.  Like in the gym last night, totally meant to read it but started chatting with an adorable pregnant lady and before I knew it my time on the bike was done.

Current Music:

To be honest, my half marathon playlist is still ROCKING my Ipod…haven’t gotten sick of it yet

half marathon playlist


Highlights include:

  • Katy Perry: Roar AND Unconditional
  • Miley Cyrus: Wrecking Ball
  • Fall Out Boy: My song knows
  • Outkast: Bombs Over Baghdad (oldie but goodie)

Current Guilty Pleasure:

Halloween candy.  It’s kind of a problem right now.  My coworker just came to let me know there is a new bag of candy that was put out…and I literally ran to the break room.  Because I DONT have a huge lululemon bag of candy at home…

Current Nail Color:

No nail polish!  I actually haven’t painted my nails since the wedding!


Current Drink:

Water and coffee…my drinks of chocie at work

Current Food:

A PB Clif Bar? Almost ashamed to admit it… Love em though!


Current Favorite Show:

Oh man I don’t know.  Zach and I are really into Boardwalk Empire right now…


Current Wish List:

New running shoes!


Current needs:

A cocktail dress for an event Zach and I are going to this weekend!

Current Indulgence:

The pumpkin cookie I have in my purse for tonight 🙂

Current Blessing:

My husband, for sure 🙂

I missed him crazy style while he was gone, so I couldn’t be happier to have him back :).


Current Outfit:

Lululmeon tights, brown riding boots, a tan t-shirt, and an eternity scarf.

Current Excitement:

Zach’s birthday this weekend! 🙂

And that my friends, is my currently!

Question of the Afternoon:  Answer one, or all of these for your Currently…. 🙂