The Happiness Project

I found my next book!



I’ve only read the introductory chapter so far, but it already has me super excited for this book.

Have any of you heard of it?  Read it?

I’ll be reading it over the Holiday season and you all can definitely expect a review/possible ‘nother giveaway :).

While we’re all in the gift giving spirit, I thought I’d share some of my favorite reads of the past few year.  Inspirational, motivation, just-for-fun…it’s all fair game 🙂

Run-Like-a-Girl-Samuels-Mina-9781580053457something borrowedborntorun



My Favorite Reads of 2013

  • Born to Run:  Christopher McDougall
  • Run Like a Girl:  Mina Samuels
  • Mile Markers: Kristin Armstrong
  • Divergence Trilogy: Vironica Roth
  • Hunger Games Trilogy: Suzanne Collins
  • Something Borrowed Series: Emily Griffith
  • The Art of Racing In The Rain: Garth Stein

What are some of YOUR favorite 2013 reads?

Sometimes a Bloody Mary is Good

I did something I don’t normally do this morning at a DELICIOUS brunch with the boy



Egg white omelet with mushrooms, goat cheese and spinach.  With a side of toast and fruit.  DELISH by the way.

But back to the point. . .





I ordered a Bloody Mary.  It’s something that I don’t normally choose to do (drink at brunch)…but for whatever reason a bloody mary sounded good (read: relaxing), and a nice addition to a nice Saturday with the husband.

And you know what, it was.

Quick Question for everyone

As it has been pointed out to me by my BFF, Chocolate Medals fan, and running inspiration, it appears as though I am in a 4 mile rut.

Personally, I enjoy the distance because it’s enough to feel like I’m getting enough of a work out in, but doesn’t cash my legs and allows me to keep up with my “streak” mentality right now.  I do try and integrate second runs periodically — but I want everyone’s opinions?

Stick with 4 miles?  Or do SOME shorter runs, and some longer runs?

Now, if you’ll excuse me.  I am going to get back to my movie.

Something Borrowed :).