Two Routines Friday

Ok — I say it every week.  But I make no apologies — HAPPY FRIDAY EVERYONE 🙂 Once again, this week has seemingly flown by on my side.  Which I never complain about {well. . . maybe besides the fact that I have no idea where the time goes anymore, but I’ll save that for a different post}

Last Night

With Thursday being my late day, the first thing Zach and I did when we got home was get started on dinner.  photo 1

We made Veggie Quesadillas, to which I made mine BBQ with a small side salad and pretzel thins.

To make the quesadilla, I simply put carrot shavings, mushrooms, some Anaheim peppers in a pan with bbq just to heat up, then added fresh tomatoes, and peppercinnis.

They were DELICIOUS and I already want the same.exact.meal tomorrow.

I had a special treat at the end of the night as well . . .

photo 2

Sorry for the dark pictre — but I had the BEST ice cream in the world.  It’s just a Safeway mint chocolate moose tracks, with a fresh cookie.

I don’t have this kind of treat very often — especially when we have an entire pint, because I CANT BE STOPPED.

I had this small cup, plus another small cup of the ice cream + one spoonful.  I’m a monster!

Thankfully I had gone on a walk to help move dinner around so I didn’t feel too rough — but man oh man.  Portion control Ashley!

This Morning

I woke up this morning a little weighed down by the ice cream, but ready to move after a good rest day.

photo 5

My work out started with another 22 minute cardio routine from SELF, that had me right at 2.55 miles in 22 minutes.


I then jumped into my favorite hill and sprint routine

photo 4

Which I did modify a bit (just shorter warm up and cool down since I had already done the previous routine).

photo 3

I finished right around 46:30 and walked it out until 50 minutes for 5.16 miles total.  I was a SWEATY mess but felt AWESOME!

Now it’s time to enjoy some yogurt and frozen grapes and get to work!

Question of the Morning:What is one dessert you can’t control yourself on?