Shocker — My Body Likes Real Food!

I had a revelation yesterday.

I think we all know each other pretty well by this point.  And we all know that healthy eating is important to me.  In my life, that isn’t necessarily low fat or low calorie.  Instead, I tend to put more importance on foods my body needs.  Whole foods, nutritious foods.

Lately, during the week, I’ve been feeling rundown.  I’ve mentioned this a few times lately.  Even when my legs feel fine after 20+ days of running, my body was exhausted.

Welp, looking back…guess what I’ve fallen back to eating through out my work day.



We all know I LOVE me some protein bars. LOVE THEM.  My body needs protein, and as somebody who doesn’t eat a ton of meat — bars are a good supplement.


The past few weeks, without even really recognizing it, I’ve grown to literally just snacking on bars through out my work day.   So come 5 o’clock, there were literally days where I’ve only had water, coffee, a thinkThin bar before work and a Clifbar during my short lunch break.

Ummm — these bars are my favorites.  I LOVE them.  My favorite way to use them is AFTER eating normally my entire work day, an hour before I leave, when I know I have a POST work run/workout scheduled.  Then I’m properly fueled for the workout without being overly full.

I’ve even paired thinkThin bars with apples OFTEN for breakfast, and that’s better than nothing.  But my crazy busy schedule is NOT an excuse for the way I have been eating these bars lately.



not my picture . . . but you get the idea

This morning, I made a quick pit stop at Whole Foods on my way into work and built my own little breakfast at the oatmeal bar.  I added hot oats, berries, and some of their granola-like topping.

Delicious, so nutritious, warming.  Seriously, it’s amazing how much MORE energy I have had through out the morning just giving my body food that it needs.

I have some other ideas for easy “real” at food meals/eats

  • Fresh fruit of any kind
  • Veggies and dip
  • Smoothies (when it isn’t freezing)
  • Tortillas and eggs
  • Tortillas and PB/Banana
  • Homemade granola/mix with yogurt
  • Chicken salad

Just a few easy options that I can eat on the go — similar to how I was doing with my bars.  I just need to make the real food EASY, and I will be THAT much more likely to go for good grub versus a bar.

Just my two cents 🙂

Question of the Afternoon:  Do you eat protein/granola/cereal bars?  What are some of your favorite work-friendly meals?


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