A Brutal{ly hot and fast} 5k

Hello hot stuff, Denver.

photo 2 (4)

Almost 1.5 hours after my run and it’s still over 80 {I believe it was in the low 90’s during my run.  Woof}.  I know my Midwesterner’s know what heat is about, but dear LORD Denver Summer does not make it easy for an afternoon run.  With that said, I managed to get ‘er done this afternoon for a short and speedy 5k.


I finished my training this afternoon around 3 PM, which got me home right around 330.  Smack dab in the middle of the afternoon sun.  Which while brutal, is good considering this is best we can do to create the conditions we may have next weekend for the relay.

photo 4 (18)

I was sure to make a loop that included multiple water stops, and took advantage of each.

Split 1: 8 minutes 41 seconds

photo 5 (16)

For whatever reason, my legs wanted to move.  OK, maybe more than anything my head wanted to be done and my legs felt strong enough to move, and so I just went with it.

Split 2: 8 minutes 27 minute mile

photo 1 (26)

By mile 2, I knew that I could finish the 5k strong, and just kept finding new landmarks to keep me motivated.  Well, that and water stops.

Split 3: 8 minutes 40 seconds

photo (5)

I finished the 5k in 26:41, which for a random Wednesday run.

Yes, it was Hot.  And brutal.  But I finished and ended up with a nice .8 mile walk home.

I’ll take it!

No I Will Not Remove My D Tag

I love sleeping in… have I ever mentioned that?

While I am not a HUGE fan of working late on Thursdays, there is something to refreshing about sleeping in until 730 on a weekday.  I wake up on my own normally, and get to allow myself to slowly wake up before my alarm goes off…my favorite.

Workout of The Morning: 3.5 miles speed work



Here’s how it looked this morning:

  • 1 mile warm up (about 940 pace)
  • 1 speed mile (between 8.0 and 7.1, about 8 min/mile page)
  • 1.5 mile switching back and forth between 800’s and 400’s at speed, and 400’s at recovery.
  • Finished 3.5 miles in a little under 31 minutes

That equals 27.25 miles for the Pile On The Miles challenge. 


Yes…that is still my D tag from the St Louis RnR on my shoe.  Shoot, if it were up to be I’d still be wearing my medal…so it is no surprise that the D tag is still there.  I need a new pair of shoes soon, so I imagine that little tag will be on there until these shoes are retired. And I am OK with that.

After my run I did day 7 of Piper’s 30 day thigh challenge which included:

  • 25 lateral lunges with weights
  • 50 scissors
  • 18 fire hydrants
  • 20 pile squat pulses with weights

Ok, this challenge is starting to get real as well.  If you are doing this with us…don’t look ahead.  Except to tomorrow, which is a rest day (which works perfectly because it’s a rest day on my schedule as well).



And now, I need to finish up getting ready and head to work.  I really do love these slow mornings 🙂

Question of the Morning: Do you keep your d tags on your shoes from races?  Or do you hold onto anything else from events as momentos?


WIAW <—- Race Week Edition

Happy Wednesday, and more specifically, Happy What I Ate Wednesday 🙂


As always, this huge, AWESOME link up is hosted by the wonderful Jenn at peas and crayons.

For this week, I am using the theme What I Ate:  Race Week.  While my stomach is a bunch of nerves the week before a race, I also try and eat VERY simply and balanced.  No soda or alcohol, sess processed foods, more easy to digest, tummy friendly, healthy carb filled delicious grub.

Let’s check out how successful I was this week 🙂




My breakfasts during the week were a lot of fresh fruit, granola and unprocessed (aka expensive but totally worth it) yogurts.  This meal is my normal go to jump start to a healthy day, and it worked well for me race week.  I did up my granola intake, but justified it with the carbo loading.

for my weekend breakfasts, I went for my favorite carb heavy meals.  Cinnamon crunch bagels, apple crunch pastries, the good stuff :). All in the name of racing, of course.





I don’t eat many “real” lunches through the work day, and tend to snack my way through.  The week before the race, it was a lot of NUUN, trail mix, granola, and high in carbohydrate, simple snacks.  My favorite was probably that edemame hummus up there.  Delish!



DSC_0361 DSC_0360DSCN1311 DSCN1312

I ate more sandwiches than I care to admit the week before the race. Normally with a side of very simple greens and chex mix.  Hey, it worked for me.  I did also manage to squeeze in some other, more “real” meals, including sushi, cobb salad and pasta. Yum



I made an apple pie while Zach was traveling, and ate that UP during the week leading up to the race. Lots of healthy carbs in that one, right?  😉

And that, my friends, is what I ate for the Race week.

Thank you again, to Jenn, for hosting!!

Question of the afternoon:  Share your favorite eat of the past week.

Probably that darn apple pie.  YUM.


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