Let’s Make a Plan

Did anyone else have quite the indulgent weekend?

Sure I was super active on the slopes, but I may have also eaten my weight in granola, chips, grapes and goodies. ¬†Sure — everything in moderation, but when I ski moderation tends to go out the door ūüôā

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No regrets — but there is nothing I like more than making a good, healthy plan for the week after a particularly indulgent weekend.

Workout Plan For The Week

Monday: Lunch workout/PM Yoga class

Tuesday: Morning Run

Wednesday:  AM: spin/strength + PM yoga

Thursday: Rest

Friday: Easy run

Saturday + Sunday: Ski/Long run

For my workouts this week, I want to focus on a few things. ¬†Fewer runs : higher milage.¬† Nothing crazy — but bringing back the miles. ¬†For cross training:¬†YOGA AND NTC App strength


Monday: Pizza night

Tuesday: Out to dinner with Friends

Wednesday: GREENS!

Thursday-Weekend: Unknown but focus on balanced meals and drinking more h20

{we didn’t feel like doing a big grocery shopping trip yesterday so we didn’t meal plan. . . sorry ’bout that}


This is my big goal for the week friends: ¬†I have a TERRIBLE sweet tooth. ¬† I know I talk about this often on the blog, but lately it’s been a bit out of control. ¬†Something I want to work on this week is switching up my evening routine a bit. ¬† Most nights right now, I currently end my evening with a huge delicious dessert then crash straight to bed. ¬†No time in between.

What I want to work on this week is changing that routine. ¬†Instead of eating and then crashing — I want to deliberatly STOP eating dessert, take Gus on a 15-20 minute walk, then do my evening routine (brush my teeth, wash my face, etc). ¬†If I’m still awake, I can drink water and read/watch TV/relax etc. ¬†But no more snacking. . . end the evening with that walk.


And that my friends, is my plan for the week.

Anything resignate with you?  How do you END your days? With a sweet? Tea? A walk?