Good Morning — And Happy Sun Shining Thursday everyone 🙂

photo 3-33

Gusman and I started our morning like we have been for the past few weeks.  A nice hilly walk through the highlands neighborhood enjoying the sunshine.

photo 2-44

Well, I enjoyed the sunshine while Gus enjoyed the millions of fun smells ALL AROUND.  {anyone elses dog feel the need to stop and smell EVERY.SINGLE.THING on EVERY.SINGLE.STEP of EVERY.WALK?}

photo 4-1

Today’s was a simple 2+ mile walk, but by the time I got back home and to our four flights of stairs, my legs were done.  I think the pilates + short run yesterday was just enough to make me appreciate my rest day.

Last Night

I was extremely thankful for a {very} understanding husband yesterday.  He was fully willing to cook a great dinner while I did my pilates AND even snuck out for another 20  minutes for a quick run.


Unfortunately — I was still fairly full from my veggie PACKED lunch, so I was only able to eat half of one quesadilla


But MAN they were delicious.  I’m almost tempted to ask him to make them again tonight 😉


Perfect grill marks on those tortillas, am I right?

I ended the evening with a raspberry bar from Cheryl’s but  once again my dessert escaped the camera.  I promise you I will get better about this, but I think I just get too excited about the goodies that the camera just escapes my mind. . . the power of sweets.


At this point Zach and I, blissfully, have no plans for the evening.  It’s my late day at work so I won’t be home until closer to 7, but the idea of relaxing and taking it easy sounds pretty darn appealing right about now.

Question of the Morning:  Have you made any  new routines lately?  What are you loving about your routine lately?

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