First Week In The Books + More Sushi

You know, between buying a house, switching jobs, travelis, and quite a few AMAZING visitors, life has been a little crazy lately.

photo 3 (17)

But man did I wake up a happy camper this morning.

I am one of those people that needs me time.  That doesn’t always mean me being alone, on the contrary I often like to share “me time” with other people.  For me, the most beneficial “me time” moments are spent doing things that better myself.  That can be a long hike, a good run, making a healthy meal with my husband, or even giving my body the rest it needs.

I woke up around 745 this morning feeling incredibly well rested, which is something I always appreciate and never want to take for granted.  I have a feeling these four day work weeks are going to make a lot of life’s challenges seem a little easier to manage in the long run :).  Week one of work and training in the books, and I’ve gotta say while I’m a bit overwhelmed with all the information that was thrown my way in the first couple of days, I’m optimistic about the work that I am going to be able to do at this new agency.  Training by fire is something I’ve grown accustomed to, so this week wasn’t a complete shock.   I’m hopeful that each day I’ll continue to feel a little more comfortable in my own skin and ready to tackle whatever may come my way!

Some Eats

I actually didn’t feel awesome about my eats yesterday — way too snacky and not dedicated enough to healthy foods through out the morning and afternoon.

photo 1 (27)

A bunch of frozen fruit that is not meant to look phallic, I apologize.

photo 2 (24)

Some Starbucks that I don’t think really agreed with me.

photo 2 (23)

More of these damn cookies that I can’t keep my grubby fingers off.

And then the hubby and I went out for another sushi date, because well I’m obsessed with sushi.

photo 3 (21)

photo 4 (19)

photo 5 (17)

Our date night was another trip to Okinawa, which once again was a complete success.  At least my dinner eats made up for some crummy day time eats.


Before our date night, because I was feeling just a tad crummy, I decided to carry myself to a Hot Power Fusion class at Core Power to sweat it out – in hopes of a mini detox.

photo (2)

Thankfully I did feel a little better after a good sweat and was up and ready for our date night right after :).

Plan for Friday

REST and relaxation 🙂 ❤  I’ll be back later to share any fun!