Lacking Motivation?

Reading all of my favorite blogs, I have noticed that there is a bit of a motivation problem lately.

Can anyone relate?  It’s the holiday season, you’re maybe eating a few more sweets than normal, have a few more drinks than normal, and those sweat fests suddenly seem MUCH LESS appealing.   The fact that we get out of bed and get to work is a win some days, right?

Well if you struggling, know that you are not alone!!  I have been asked recently how I keep my motivation up.  One thing is I have perfected my body’s ability to handle sugar and carbs ;)…but in all seriousness, there are a few things that keep me going.



There will be a day that I can no longer RUN.  That day is not today.

I actually repeat this mantra to myself often when I am struggling during runs.  It is a reminder to me that I know my body, and know that a day will come when it doesn’t want to run anymore.  Whether that be a short term injury, or long term decision, there will likely come a day.

But that day is NOT today, so I try and take advantage.  Make sure that I don’t forget to be THANKFUL that I can still run and be active.  When I think of it this way, it makes me appreciate my work out.



I know I will feel better after my run.

This is also a big one for me.  First, I think it’s important to make a distinction.  Is your body telling you that you need a break or are injured?  Or are you just lacking motivation?

When I am just feeling complainy and not wanting to run, I remind myself of how much better I will feel right after I finish.  Running is my happy pill.  Seriously.  It melts the stress away, and it allows me to feel like I have control when everything else around me is crazy.

When I remind myself that I will likely feel WORSE if I don’t get my run on, then normally I find it in me to lace up my shoes.




I know not everyone can do this.  A tip of my hat to those moms who also work AND find time to run.  Don’t know how you do it.

I MAKE TIME for my running right now.  While I can.  My schedule allows it (for the most part), and so I like to tell myself that time is no excuse.  I can find 45 minutes in each day to work out.  Whether it’s waking up an hour earlier than I would like, or doing it first thing after work, or while dinner cooks…I find time.

Is it always easy?  No.  And it would be a lot more challenging if I didn’t have a supportive husband and partner who understands just how important it is to me to fit in a run (In reality he has probably just seen me crabby from skipping a run one too many times and is HAPPY to push me out the door ;).

Those are honestly the three BIG things for me folks.  I know it’s different for everyone, but it’s how I maintain some sanity during this crazy time of year!


Inspiration, Direction, and the NEXT big thing.

Do you ever feel like you’ve been on the go for so long. . . that when you have a second to sit and process, you feel a little lost?


That is exactly where I find myself, right now.

In 2008, I graduated from Undergrad and jumped straight into my Graduate program at Saint Louis University


Love these girls. . . still miss you!!

I met Zach during my time at SLU and knew that right when when I graduated, I’d be moving to Chicago to be with him.


A picture from Switzerland — my parents graduation gift to me for graduating Grad School

About 6 months after I moved to Chicago, we thought that even living in different apartments was for the birds, and decided that once we were finished with our current leases we would move in together.  Enter house hunting, and the anxiety of living with a boy!

home gus

Nearly a year into our lease, Zach popped the question and we were engaged 🙂

564857_10100436048492449_140683357_n 562583_10100436049400629_522523426_n

And subsequently, decided that now was the time to make the biggest move of our lives: Denver.

2880023-P1030763Picture 017


Thankfully, the transition to Denver was fairly easy thanks to us both having jobs and amazing families.

But of course, wedding planning moved into full force quickly once we were settled.

cake save the date boettcher2 boettcher

So you see . . . my life has been one-thing-to-the-next for really my entire adult life.


I tell you this whole long story because for as long as I can remember, I’ve been working towards or planning for something. . . the next big thing.  But now, for the first time in my adult life, I don’t have that next big thing.

Part of me is living in the moment, and basking in the quiet.  I need for nothing right now.  I am happier than I have ever been, and that is pretty amazing.

But another part of me wants that next big thing.


I just have no idea what that next big thing may be. . .

So — I’m currently searching for inspiration.


What am I looking for?

A new “thing” that provides growth and self-improvement

Something that I can do to become a better person.  For myself.  For my husband.  For everyone.

Is it through my job? Career?

Through the blog?  I am inspired by my blog, readers, other blogs, and the community EVERYDAY.  If only I could make my blog, writing, and my job one in the same 🙂

Through my family and friends?  Lord knows I’ve got amazing people in both.

I have no idea — but I’m ready for whatever it is when I find it.

Question of the Day:  Anyone else been in a spot like this? Am I totally crazy?

If you HAVE been in a similar spot — what’d you do?