Funny Links

So I’m a nerd and LOVE to look at the stats for Chocolate Medals often.    I love to see where everyone is viewing from, what websites link to my page, which posts are most popular…etc.


This was just funny. . . and it’s what came up when I typed funny links. Love it

Lately I have been LOVING what searches have BROUGHT people to my page…there have been some pretty epic ones.   I thought it might be fun to share some of them with ya!


  • song deja vu reeses peanut butter i do–  ❤ reeses…and songs?
  • pay my bill for yogaholic — i am a yogaholic
  • running on my birthday medal — we SHOULD get a medal for running on our birthdays
  • great pizza challenge race photos — i need to find this race
  • does sweat fry your hair — if it does I’m screwed
  • i miss you all comment — miss you too
  • 2 metals in chocolate — yum
  • tomorrow is monday again — hate this
  • can a little chocolate help you sleep  — yes.
  • just starting the pick ups. do you think you could bring my pink jacket from piper it has my gloves — sure can?!
  • just tried an ice bath don’t recommend it  — they are painful
  • say something 2 your best friend — will do.


  • i get married tomorrow — awwwe I ❤ weddings
  • happy birthday zachary — HAPPY BIRTHDAY BABE!
  • rock and roll st louis half marathon 2013  — great race 🙂
  • treat others the way you want to be treated — darn straight
  • run for chocolate blog –story of my life 
  • christmas tree with race medals — such a cool idea
  • thank you chocolate medals — you’re very welcome

I’m not sure why but I’ve been having a few good laughs from these lately 🙂  Hope you all enjoy the randomness as much as I have!

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Question:  Bloggers:  what is the funniest thing that has sent someone to your page?  Non-bloggers – I also LOVE me some auto-completes on Google search.  Any funny ways Google has completed your thought?