We Made It!

Happy Friday Everyone!



That’s right.  We’ve all [[almost]] made it through the first entire week of work for 2014.   High five to YOU!  Now we’ll just have to make plans to meet for Happy Hour, mmmmmk?

Weekly Wrap Up

As always, I am VERY excited about the weekend.  Zach and I plan to check out a new spot in our neighborhood tonight that we’ve been TOLD has live music.   Always a good time.  And early tomorrow morning we are on our way to Winter Park for 2 days on the slopes, with the weekend HOPEFULLY wrapping up with a Bronco’s Win.   Pretty good weekend to wrap up what was a pretty good week.

photo 2-7


Took down the Christmas decorations . . . (well kind of.  Our tree MAY still be there)

photo 1


Had a great date night at Linger/DBC

photo 4-4


Got in some good runs

  • 1 *5 miler
  • 3 *4 milers
  • 1 mile warm up to an ab work out
  • + weights through out the week

photo 1 (1)photo 3 (1)


And some excellent eats

photo 1 (3)20140107-190509.jpgphoto 2 (1)photo 4photo 3 (1)photo 1 (1)photo-6photo-5photo-3photo-4


  • Homemade chicken tacos
  • Open face sammies
  • Linger Date Night
  • Tuna steak with roasted carrots and greens


I started off my Friday with a glorious morning of rest.  Starting and ending the week sleeping in is REALLY working for this girl ;).  Although I have to admit I have no plans to work out this evening.  It’s been far too long since I’ve had a full rest day. . . I would say this was a pretty successful first week of 2014 for this lady.  Now let’s keep it up for the weekend y’all. . .

Question of the Morning:  How was YOUR week?  You know I love hearing about it.

Sometimes You Gotta Take It Slow

Good Morning (or afternoon for my East Coaster/overseas friends!).

I was very thankful for my late start this morning as I was moving a little slow thanks to an amazing evening last night.  Let’s get the business out of the way before we get to the more fun stuff.

Workout Of The Day: 4 easssssssy miles + light weights

Thanks to a later than normal evening, a few drinks, and late night ice cream and icing, my body wasn’t moving at 100% when I got up.   I knew an easy sweat fest was exactly what I needed to move be back into feeling like myself.  So I made the trip down to the treadmill for an easy 4 miles.

  • 20 minutes @ 6.4 pace
  • 6.5 pace until 4 miles after

Mindless, and fairly easy for me this AM.  Exactly what I needed.   I followed that up with a quick session of incline sit ups and a few arm work outs with 10 lb weights.  Nothing too serious, but enough to feel somewhat accomplished.

Sometimes You Gotta Take It Slow

Zach and I received a very thoughtful gift card to one of our favorite, nicer Denver spots, Linger, from some friends for our wedding.  Because it takes some time to get reservations, we were excited when our time finally came up last night!

photo 1

We started the evening at our favorite watering hole,  Denver Brew Co.  Something about that place (maybe it’s the awesome beer and board games) just makes us happy.

photo 2


The YATZEE luck was unfortunately in Zach’s favor last night, but that’s OK because I kicked his but pretty hard last time we were there.

Our reservation was for 7 PM, so we walked over there about 645 and when we got to Linger, we were seated immediately.

Service was awesome last night and we were brought complementary homemade popcorn and a drink menu right away.

photo 3


There was a resiling on special last night so I, of course, went with that for my drink choice.  I don’t know what they put in the popcorn last night, but let me tell you there wasn’t a morsel left in that bowl.  Num num!

Linger is tapas style dinner, so we went with 4 plates that we shared for the evening.  The star of the night was the Kobe tacos, but everything was GREAT.  The fallefel was very unique and not heavy like it can be.  The butternut squash salad had a perfect balance of creamy goat cheese and bitter arugula to complement the squash.  And come on, bacon wrapped dates?  Hello!

photo 2 (1)photo 4photo 1 (1)photo 3 (1)


If you’re looking for a fun atmosphere with high quality food, you’d love Linger.  Especially in the Summer, their outdoor bar has some of the absolute best views of the city.  It’s not the cheapest spot in town, but it’s not overpriced for the product!

photo 4 (1)


We wrapped up our perfect evening with Tin Man ice cream.  Perfect, sweet ending to a sweet date night!

Question of the Morning:  Are you good about balancing out easy and tough work outs?

Ummm…I’m working on that one.