Going To Try And Get Back To The Routine

Happy Monday everyone ūüôā ¬†As promised, I am REALLY going to try and get back to the norm with you all and this little blog of mine.

Last Night

I just want to point that Zach and I watched the coolest thing ever last night.  Seriously, did anyone watch 60 Minutes?  Ummm Р Bird people?  Anderson Cooper swinging with gigantic crocodiles?  We seriously sat there in shock as we watched it.  We never watch 60 Minutes, but this one was GOOD.  Zach even choose to watch it over Sunday Night football.   And now we want to fly. . .


Dinner was a GREAT one last night.   I know our Sunday ritual is homemade pizza, but we ordered pizza the previous night with our neighbors so we switched things up.



The base of the meal for me was a simple arugula salad with hearts of palm, jalapenos, sunflower seeds, dressed very lightly with lemon and a vinaigrette.

photo 1


Seriously YUM!

photo 5


We also prepared a simple tomato and mozzarella salad with salt and pepper.

photo 2

All together now!

photo 4

And you know Zach prepared a nice steak to go along side :). ¬†While I didn’t have too much (the salad was just TOO good), the steak was prepared perfectly with a nice salty crust.

We finished dinner two happy little kiddos.  You will see meals like this more often, just warning.

Ski Dessert

photo 3

And of course — I finished the day off with another Cookie Bomb from Goodies, our favorite Winter Park stop. ¬†Once again, I needed help from Zach, but this one had peanut butter frosting. ¬†Made it much easier to power through ;).

This Morning Back to Reality

After 10 days straight of running and crazy working out, I thought this Monday was the perfect day to take a guilt free rest day.  My plan for today is to hydrate, hydrate, hydrate, and get some yoga in to make myself ready to bring in the new year with some good strong work outs :).

I’ll be back later with more details of our fantastic Christmas Vacation ūüôā

Question of the Morning: ¬†How are you feeling about being “back to reality?”