I Really Wanted Gluten. In a Bad Way.

Yesterday I faced my first REAL foodie challenge since working to cut gluten out of my diet about a month ago. Disclaimer:  I have had gluten in the form of beer and accidental small eats since going gluten free, I am aware of this.  But in the months time I have all but cut it out of my normal daily diet.  Just want to preface.

Dinner Last Night

Yesterday was a truly SNACKY day for me.  I didn’t capture nearly all of my eats because most of them were just bites here and there from the fridge or cabinet, but good LORD something had gotten into me yesterday.  Here’s just a sampling of my goodies.

photo 1 (28)

Woke up and started the day off well with a smoothie

photo 2 (25)

Had a bunch of trail mix that was left over from our hike but still totally delicious

And not pictured:  Cinnamon bears and gummies, Gluten Free crackers.  All day. 

By the time we got around to dinner, I knew I needed something nutritional in my diet, so I decided to stick with a salad and tuna burger.

photo 5 (18)

The salad started with garden greens, tomatoes, and crumbled soft cheese.

photo 3 (23)

And simply topped it with crumbed tuna burger and a piece of bacon.  It was actually really delicious, but MAN did I have some food envy when I saw what my hubby was making.

photo 1 (29)

Homemade pizza.  With fresh basil, tomatoes and bacon.

photo 2 (26)

Holy colorful, and holy YUM.   Like I mentioned, this was the first time since cutting gluten that I really struggled with my choices, but in the end I knew my body was already unhappy with me for a week of snacking through training, and I stuck with my guns.  But lemme tell ya, it wasn’t easy.

photo 4 (21)

My sweet tooth still kicked in later in the evening, but I wanted to be conscious about what I ate since I had been so off the wall with my eats earlier.    I ended up eating a piece of gluten free toast with honey roasted peanut butter and a couple chocolate chips.  This did the trick, and even tempted Zach so in the end I actually had 1.5 because I split another with the boy :).

Looking back on it, I think I struggled with my eats yesterday primarily for two reasons.

One:  It was a rest day.

photo 3 (22)

My biggest activity of the day was taking the pup on his afternoon and evening walk {but SCORE, I found this little free library a few blocks from my house.  How adorable is this?} and going to CostCo

photo 4 (20)

{Oddly enough normally I’m extremely tempted by samples but I wasn’t at all yesterday.  Hmmmmm…}

And Second:  I didn’t eat a REAL meal until Dinner.

Starting the day off by snacking, for me, just equals a ton more snacking.  I know this and should have known better, but that’s OK.  In the end, I stayed clear of gluten still and in reality didn’t do TOO much damage.  I gave my body the rest it needed and maybe, I just wanted snacks.  At least I ended the day on a healthy note.

This Morning

And thankfully the rest allowed me to wake up this morning and tackle a pretty solid 10k run, so it isn’t all bad.

photo 5 (19)

Ever have any snack triggers?

Do you snack/eat more in general on your rest days?

Arms! and Good Eats

Good morning everyone 🙂

Before I get down to business, I want to send love and safe vibes to all my family and friends in the Saint Louis area.  I always feel as though my blog isn’t the appropriate place to address such serious topics, but St Louis and the surrounding neighborhoods will always be home for me so I feel the pain and sadness.   Be safe, Ferguson and all those in the surrounding areas.

Yesterday Afternoon

I managed to squeeze in a quick stretch session during my lunch as planned, as well as stock up on some awesome Gluten Free goodies.


I haven’t been talking about it much, but I am still working towards a Gluten Free diet for the time being.  I don’t feel that I’ve given it enough time to know for sure how gluten affects me, and I’m still finding myself surprised by little things that include Gluten so I’ve been far from completely gluten free.   All I know is these past couple of weeks I’ve felt better than I have in ages, so my body is happy :).


My plan called for some more Arm work yesterday afternoon, so I challenged myself with two more arm routines, this time from my NTC app.

photo 2 (3) photo 1 (1)

Lemme tell ya, my arms were SHAKING during and after these routines.


{gratuitous arm shot…my husband will love this}

Zach was working away in the garden for the afternoon, so after my work out I grabbed a bottle of water and watched the boy work :).  Not a shabby afternoon.


On the menu tonight was grilled chicken and salads.  We ended up getting the same kabobs we tried last week from Sprouts because we enjoyed them so much the previous week.


My comparison on instagram of my salad versus Zach’s serving bowl of greens.  Man boys can eat!


My salad included some greens from the garden underneath all those fresh veggies and fruits.  Last nights included: broccoli, mushrooms, celery, scallions, pepper and a couple raspberries from the garden.  YUM!


I also wanted to try some of my new goodies, so I added some crunch to the meal by way of craackers



I actually really enjoyed this brand and would absolutely try them again.  They were thin and airy, but full of flavor! Totally satisfying.

We wrapped up our evening with the series finale of The Office on netflix before both going to bed early.  I think we’re still recovering from a long weekend!

this Morning

I got to sleep in this morning knowing that the only thing on schedule was my yoga for runners, which both were glorious :).  A 715 wake up call + 25 minutes of stretching and opening up my little sore runners joints?  Perfection!

What’s your favorite body part to strength train? 

Our Garden and A New Package

Who’s doing the HappY FridaY DancE?


I’ve got a half day of work planned, followed by a nice easy hike (hopefully the weather cooperates with me this time) and then a Whole Foods donut to celebrate a good week.


those aren’t the donuts I got, but don’t they look GOOD? Must make them.

I’ve been even more strict than I anticipated with the “no gluten, no processed goods” diet this week, and am feeling GREAT.    Sure, it’s only been a week so I can’t know anything specifically at this point, but what I do know is I feel good and am planning on keeping as much gluten as possible out of my diet for the time being.

Now, with that said, yes I picked up a small cake donut from Whole Foods, and no I do not believe it is gluten free.  I plan to eat it slow and use it as a test to see how my little body reacts.    My honest hope is that I do NOT have a serious intolerance, but that my body just functions better eating more real, whole foods and less gluten.  We will see :).


I started the morning with a 15-20 minute self guided yoga practice, solely hoping to hold stretches and work out the kinks from my sore muscles.   It worked 🙂 Lots of forward folding, side stretching, and deep breathing, perfect for first thing in the morning.


I was missin’ Mom and Dad a bit, so I spent my afternoon lunch break walking the park near my office and chatting with my main man, Daddio.  Notice the clouds in that picture?  Not 30 minutes before I headed out the skies opened up with a HUGE thunder storm.  Welcome to Denver!

Core Power

I had to be into work early yesterday for a special program, which meant I also got to leave early (YAY).  The timing was perfect because it opened up a 430 Hot Power Fusion class at Core Power.

photo 1

Unfortunately, I had run out of my free week so I took the plunge and picked up an (expensive) 10 class package.  I spent the 60 minute classes trying to keep the sweat from burning my eyes and loved every detoxing second of it :).  Totally worth the investment.

I got home early, so showered and then enjoyed the evening on our back patio, rehydrating like a pro

photo 2

Ok, at least there was water included….

Until my hunger finally hit around 730.  On the menu, Chicken kabobs and salads with feta and edemame.


photo 3 (1)

The salads were simple greens and tomatoes from the garden, mushrooms, and the edamame and feta mix from Sprouts. YUM.

Zach also grilled up some DELICIOUS chicken that totally hit the spot.

photo 4 (1)

All together now.

photo 5 (1)

Mmmmmm….making me hungry and it’s not even 930!  Notice the doggy tail in the bottom right corner of that picture?  Fail, Gus!

More Office episodes and gluten free cookies wrapped up the evening.   I think I fell asleep on the couch by 10 PM last night.  Man I’m exciting.

Zach’s Garden

And because my family is far away and love to see the progress that we’ve done on the house (don’t worry, I’m planning  a little house tour next week), here are some pictures of the garden I wanted to share with everyone.  So proud of the hubby :).

photo 3

The main view of our largest garden area.  Our goodies include lots of lettuce, raspberries, carrots, onions, tomatoes, etc.

photo 4

Close up shot of the lettuce

photo 5

Close up shot of our raspberry plant

photo 2 (1)

And Zach’s newest creation, a new garden bed that Zach built, painted and set up totally from scratch.

photo 1 (1)

A larger view, and of course, gratuitous picture of my fur lady.

Just a quick tour of the garden.  Who knew the boy had such a green thumb?

Do you have a green thumb?  Do you like to garden?