Friday Funday Round Up September 20

It’s Friday all ūüôā ¬†Time to round up my favorite funs, eats and treats from the week! ūüôā

Favorite Run

DSCN0939 DSCN0938

My hill run on Tuesday. ¬†It wasn’t the longest run, but it was the fastest I’ve run off a treadmill in a long time. ¬†Hello 8:08 mile numero uno!

Favorite Treat

DSC_0143 DSC_0144

Oh third wedding cake . . . I miss you already.  My waistline, on the otherhand, says goodbye.

Favorite Eat

Picture 029 Picture 027

In a surprise win, I’d say the quesadilla from the baseball game

Favorite Moment

Picture 023

Honestly I’d have to say my run in at the¬†¬†baseball game¬†as well. ¬†Sometimes we need reminders of the important things in life. . . and this did just that for me.

And of course. . . just some shiney pictures of my other favorites of the week ūüôā


Mona’s Brunch date

DSCN0903 DSCN0904

DSCN0924 DSCN0907

Enjoying a lazy Sunday with the fam.

Picture 035

bacon and chocolate are now friends in my book.

DSCN0989 DSCN0986

And we can never forget date night.

Not a bad week for the Jara’s ūüôā

Hope you have all had a great week as well ūüôā

Question of the day:  Highlight of your week was. . . ?

Fun Food and Fun Fact Round up!

You all know I don’t post all the foods I eat, but I do highlight some of my favorites for you to drool over¬†enjoy!

My favorite bites of the week!



The gnocchi and bruchetta from ¬†Stella’s Trattoria¬†were out of this world.


The breakfast sliders from Sassafras American Eatery were a perfect mix of fluffy eggs, rich cheese, spicy sausage and amazing homemade biscuits.


My Healthy Raspberry Crumble Bars were gone in about 48 hours!


I LOVED the granola from our Nature Box


Our  Homemade Pizza is always a highlight of the week




Everything from Root Down lived up to the hype!

Picture 004

Introducing Noosa!¬†back into my life ūüôā


Can’t forget the Box¬†cookies!

Picture 028

And finally, my breakfast sammie from Masterpiece

We ate out more than normal this week, but that sure did bring some yummie grub!

Fun Fact Friday

I am still very new to this blog thing. ¬†You guys have been GREAT about welcoming me with open arms and I feel like we’re all bff’s already :). But I wanted to give you all a chance to get to know me better, so I figured once a week I can give a fun fact about myself so you all get to know me a little better!

Today’s theme is “Would You Rather?”

1. Would you rather be 4’7′ or 7’7″

I would rather be 4’7, considering I’m not TOO far off that at 5′ flat! ¬†I’ve always been pretty tiny and actually don’t mind it most of the time. ¬† I know as a kid who wanted to ride all the roller coasters it was a bummer, but as an adult it’s OK ūüôā

2. Would you rather date a rich workaholic or a poor guy with plenty of time for you?

The biggest thing for me, honestly, is balance and happiness. ¬† Black and white, I would prefer a poor guy with plenty of time with me. . . but in reality and practice, I just want my partner to be fulfilled and enjoy what they do. ¬†Sometimes Zach has to work more than he likes , but it’s not because of money, it’s because he is being challenged and he takes pride in his work. Zach is the breadwinner in this little family, but he makes SURE to make time for the family. ¬†As long as work and career doesn’t take precedence over family values, you’re doing fine by me ūüôā

3. Would you rather have piercings or tattoos? 

Well…I guess I have both. ¬†I have my ears pierced multiple times, and I’ve had my belly button pierced more times than I can count (long stories, but I’ve lost a couple). ¬†I also have 2 tattoos (a clover on my hip and 13.1 on my foot). ¬†I feel like the piercings were a passing phase, but my tattoos still have meaning for me, so I’d go with tattoo.

4.  Would you rather be fluent in all languages or master of all instruments?

I am going to have to go with fluent in all languages on this one. ¬†I face language barriers at work often and it’s something I really struggle with. ¬†That’s not even mentioning or acknowledging when I travel or am out of my own comfort zones. ¬†Communication is so huge in every aspect of life, and I think it would be AMAZING to speak with every culture! ¬†We’d know so much more about one another!

5.  Would you rather have a rewind button on life or a pause button on life.

I REALLY liked this one. ¬†I think I would go with pause button. ¬†I don’t necessarily want to change anything in my life, because ultimately it has made me who I am today. ¬†BUT, if I had time to pause and think about things sometimes, I might make more informed and logical decisions to begin with.

So that’s five fun facts about me that you all probably didn’t know ūüôā

Question of the Day:  Your turn! Answer any of these Would you rathers?  

Nature Box!

Zach and I find our “new favorite” wedding gift with each one we get, but we got one last weekend that is right up my alley.

My amazing maid of honor knows me well and got Zach and I a subscription to Nature box!



Open Me! I’m full of healthy, nutritious and delicious snacks!

I was itching to get our first box ever since I got the email notifying me of my gift!

Just check out their¬†website, there’s no way not to fall in love with the company and their mission.

Discover a Healthier You

NatureBox helps you eat healthier without needing to change your eating habits. We focus on snacks because that’s the easiest habit to change. Do you know that the average American eats almost 25% of their calories from snacking? In fact, snacking is the leading cause of childhood obesity. NatureBox helps you get more out of your day without wasting calories on the bad stuff.

Food You Can Trust

Every NatureBox item is carefully sourced and nutritionist approved. Everything inside your NatureBox will be guilt free so that you can feel great about what you’re eating. You can trust that our products will be made from the most wholesome ingredients and will be minimally processed, if at all.

Try Us Risk Free!

Each box costs just $19.95 and shipping is always free with NatureBox. You can pause or cancel anytime, and we’ll happily issue a refund if you’re not 100% satisfied.

Together, We Give

NatureBox works with WhyHunger to solve the problems of hunger and poverty, while working to make more nutritious food available to everyone. Aside from making donations to WhyHunger, we also donate our healthy snacks directly to WhyHunger partners, including community-based organizations, emergency food providers and summer meal programs for low-income children.

Naturebox also guarantees that all of their foods have:

  • No high fructose corn syrup
  • No partially hydrogenated oils
  • No trans fat
  • No artificial sweeteners
  • No artificial flavors
  • No artificial colors

My subscription was gifted to me, but Naturebox is something I would absolutely get for myself as well for 19.95 a box.

Our box came this Saturday and Zach and I couldn’t WAIT to dig in!

nature box

The first item that grabbed my attention was the cherry ganache granola


The cherries and whole pecans are my favorite part of this granola. ¬†The bag only has 2 servings, and I’m BEYOND thankful for that because quite frankly there is no self control around this stuff. ¬†It was the perfect snack for our hike with Gus!

The first item that drew Zach’s attention were the¬†whole wheat blueberry figgy bars.


These are basically healthy, REAL, delicious and WAY better versions of fig newtons. ¬†This was Zach’s go-to snack post hike last weekend, and it hit the spot. ¬†I tried one a little later myself, and was impressed with the dough and blueberry flavor!

My third treat was the lemon tea biscuits


These are basically just little mini shortbread cookies with a hint of lemon to add some freshness. ¬†There are about 12 in a serving, which is good because you’re going to eat AT LEAST that many!

The other three items in our box that we are excited to try are


Perfect way to keep fruit in my snack drawer at work!

big island pineapple


Saving these for our hike next weekend!

garden tomato almonds


Perfect Salad Topper!

country ranch sunflower kernels

(all pictures and links are directly from their website)

We are just as excited for these snacks as we were the first, but are trying to practice control!  Otherwise, all these delicious snacks would be done and gone already!

Side note:  they even have a blog! <Рcheck them out!

Honest Review

Zach and I have done boxes similar to this in the past, primarily with fresh local produce and loved it.

Naturebox is different as they are sending pre-packaged “snack food” in a healthy, nutritious manner. But, they seem to have many of the same values/ideals of the boxes we use in the past.

What excited me most about Naturebox is that they are providing us with healthy snacks that seem indulgent, but are made with whole, natural and nutritious REAL ingredients.  These are snack foods that you are going to love and that your body will love!

You know me, life is all about balance. ¬†A big part of satisfying my body’s cravings are giving it WHOLE REAL foods. ¬†And let me tell you, there is nothing artificial about what you’re getting with Naturebox.

I love it — I am excited to finish our snacks from this box and am really looking forward to the next 6 months of boxes I have coming ūüôā

Disclaimer:  I was in no way compensated for this post. Naturebox was given to me as a gift and this review is completely my opinion and experience with the product.