Friday Round Up!

Good Morning and Happy Friday everyone! 🙂  Another weeks in the books, which for me means another week closer to Spring (I’m sorry babe. . . I love skiing too but I’m just over it).



Last night was a special date night for us little Jara’s. . . that ended in comped drinks and dessert for our anniversary.   That’s never a bad thing in my books . . . I’ll be back with a full review later today but here’s a tease.

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Yes. . . drool.

This Morning

Let’s just say I wasn’t exactly hopping out of bed this morning after a couple comped drinks. . . but I found the motivation somewhere deep and got’er done.

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Workout of the Day: 3.5 mile run in 31 minutes + walk it out until 35 minutes + 2 minute plank 

For today’s run I did 10 minutes of easy warm up, followed by a progressive run continuing to increase the speed every minute on the minute until I hit 8.0, which had me right at 28 minutes.  I ran her in until 3.5 when I walked it out until I hit 35 minutes.  I followed up the run with one minute push up plank and one minute forearm plank.  Left me nice and sweaty…

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Round Up Time

It’s Friday which means time for a round up 🙂


  • Monday: 3.3 mile run with the hubby + 15 minute abs
  • Tuesday: 15 minute NTC app + stretching + walk at lunch + 60 minute Yoga 2/3 class.
  • Wednesday: 2 a day :3.5 mile treadmill run AM 3.0 mile run with Zach PM
  • Thursday: Rest day: 2.13 mile walk with the pup
  • Friday: 3.5 mile run + .25 mile walk and plank work

And then this weekend’s plan are:

  • Saturday: ski day! Woot woot
  • Sunday: Long run (no distance planned, go until I can’t 🙂

Not a shabby week if you ask me.  I’m happy with the balance of different work outs, although next week I hope to integrate a little more strength training in.

And now, it’s time to drool.



photo 3-28photo 1-37photo 1 (1)photo 4-16


Not too much – but some good stuff. . . lemme tell ya.  I’m really working on taking pictures of food and finding ways to make them look photogenic.  The last of light is killing me.  Any tips people have, please send them my way!

Have a great Friday everyone!  I’ll be back later with our date recap 🙂

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Workout Roundup week of August 23

Good morning and Happy Friday All!


Another week almost in the books 🙂

Workout Roundup

This week was a fairly good week in terms of sticking to my planned worked outs.  My workout schedule for the week looked like:

  • Monday:  YOGA! Reset the body for the week
  • Tuesday: Speed work 45 minutes + possible PM yoga class
  • Wednesday: 60 minutes cycling easy
  • Thursday: Easy run outdoors
  • Friday: Rest/Yoga
  • Saturday: Long run 100 minutes
  • Sunday: Recovery run or hike

And in practice, my work outs looked like

  • Monday: 2.43 SPEEDY miles + yoga
  • Tuesday: Speed run – 45 minutes for 4.75 miles
  • Wednesday: 60 minutes cycling for 20 miles
  • Thursday:  Recovery treadmill run for 4.25 miles
  • Friday: REST 🙂

I also had a GREAT long run (10 miles WHAT!), a family hike (7.1 miles) to round out last weekend and begin this week, and continued work on my Challenge through out the week, so overall I feel pretty darn good about how the week shaped up.

I slept in this morning, so there was no AM yoga, and I am A-OK with that.  I am hoping to squeeze in stretching and yoga through out the day however I can (think stretching challenge, ha), and maybe even throwing in a quick yoga 100’s at lunch :).   Otherwise, I have my wonderful compression sleeves on under my work clothes, a chocolate coconut water ready to drink, and some carbo-licious foods to eat to help me prep for my long run tomorrow.




Question of the Morning:  How were your work outs this week?