Let The Fun Begin: #100challenge Day 1


Namaste everyone 🙂  Day #1 of my #100day Challenge is a yoga class, and specific to the picture a {poorly held} tree pose.    The benefits to yoga are ENDLESS, and I am so happy that it has become such a big part of my life again.

Have a great night everyone 🙂 It’s time for me to enjoy some sushi and bad TV 🙂

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Girlfriends and Some Good News

Good Morning and OH SO HAPPY FRIDAY to everyone 🙂



I’m sorry — the cat was just too funny.  I had to do it.  With that said, I hope all my 9-5’ers here are ready for the weekend ahead.  My Friday night plans include another yoga class, some sushi and serious cookie action. . . if that doesn’t scream party.

Back Track

Last night actually started off with a nice long walk with the Gusman catching up with my Kansas City love.


the lovely lady directly behind me

There have been a couple times in the past few days I’ve had conversations with my  girlfriends from a far about just how important are female relationships are.  I always feel like I never get enough time with the amazing women in my life (all of those ladies up there).  It makes me so sad, but reinforces how much I need to appreciate the time that I do have with them.

Anyway. . . the mixture of fresh air, my pup, and good girlfriend time filled my heart right up and before I even noticed almost an hour had passed and I was starving.  Last night’s dinner was pretty much an exact repeat of the night before

photo 2-33

Except last night I added mushrooms into the  mix and used a little more BBQ sauce.


photo 1-31

It was even better the second night.

And dessert… also a repeat of the night before.   PB pretzel crips. . . but don’t worry they’re gone now so hopefully I can force myself to stay away for a little while.  It’s a tough life…

I watched a movie while I ate dinner, but it wasn’t all that great so I’m not even going to mention it.  If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all, right?

This Morning

As I mentioned, I have plans to hit up another yoga class tonight after work, so I kept the workout on the light side.

Workout of the Morning

photo 3-23


30 minutes on the stationary bike for a little over 10.5 miles while reading a new book I actually found at work. . . I’ll let you all know what I think as I get further into it.

Good News

And finally. . . the good news I have!


Yesterday I got the word that I was accepted as a Fitfluential Ambassador!  I could NOT be more honored and excited to be accepted into such an amazing program and am looking forward to my time as an ambassador.  Please stick around to see what fun happenings will be going on around Chocolate Medals with this news!

Question of the Morning:  What meals do you “repeat?”  

If you could be an ambassador for one program/company, what would it be?