Favorites from 2014 So Far

Hello everyone! 🙂   I am currently enjoying my husband and honeymoon in Austria, but since I didn’t want to leave you all completely hanging I thought I’d set up a few little check in’s while I was away :).

Today’s post is all about my favorites from 2014 so far!


2014 Favorites To Date

  • ProCompression Gear


Compression gear, specifically my Pro Compression socks have been a game changer for me.  Especially since the running streak I began in November and with all my overseas traveling.


These socks are the only way I get through long runs and recovery.  And they are a GOD SEND for any kind of traveling.  Hello no more swelling!

  • Dessert Pretzel Crisps


The dark chocolate peppermint flavor were a staple in the Jara household over the holidays.  And since then, the Peanut Butter Crunch ones have been introduced to me…and are the best things ever.  I literally have NO restraint around these and am limiting their intake in my house (but feel free to send me some if you’d like, Pretzel Crisps 🙂

  • MapMyRun App on my Iphone

photo 1-16

Or really any application on my Iphone.  I’m obsessed, but specifically the MapMyRun app has quickly become a favorite and I’m already looking forward to training season with it!

I love the gentle little voice that tells you your mile time and splits, and the clear map that is shown on the screen.  I am excited to play around a bit more and get even MORE creative!

  • Whole Foods Homemade Whole Wheat Tortilla Chips

Finished product

If you haven’t seen these at your local Whole Foods . . . be warned.  They are beyond addictive.  By FAR the best chips I’ve ever had in my life.  

  • The Happiness Project 


I know I’ve already written all about this book, but man I just loved it.  What a great start to 2014.

Just a few of my 2014 favorites everyone!  Please share in the comments some of yours, I’m always looking for fun new thing to try 🙂


Time for another fun survey everyone 🙂 Today’s was found by one of my FAVORITE bloggers, www.pbfingers.com.  If you haven’t, check her out.  Promise you’ll want to be her BFF after one post.

Current Book(s):

I am currently reading the last book in the DIVERGENCE series, Allegiant.


I started it with a vengence on my trip to and from St Louis, but have slowed down recently.  Doesn’t mean I’m not loving it. . . I have less than a quarter left but just keep finding distractions when I’m trying to read it.  Like in the gym last night, totally meant to read it but started chatting with an adorable pregnant lady and before I knew it my time on the bike was done.

Current Music:

To be honest, my half marathon playlist is still ROCKING my Ipod…haven’t gotten sick of it yet

half marathon playlist


Highlights include:

  • Katy Perry: Roar AND Unconditional
  • Miley Cyrus: Wrecking Ball
  • Fall Out Boy: My song knows
  • Outkast: Bombs Over Baghdad (oldie but goodie)

Current Guilty Pleasure:

Halloween candy.  It’s kind of a problem right now.  My coworker just came to let me know there is a new bag of candy that was put out…and I literally ran to the break room.  Because I DONT have a huge lululemon bag of candy at home…

Current Nail Color:

No nail polish!  I actually haven’t painted my nails since the wedding!


Current Drink:

Water and coffee…my drinks of chocie at work

Current Food:

A PB Clif Bar? Almost ashamed to admit it… Love em though!


Current Favorite Show:

Oh man I don’t know.  Zach and I are really into Boardwalk Empire right now…


Current Wish List:

New running shoes!


Current needs:

A cocktail dress for an event Zach and I are going to this weekend!

Current Indulgence:

The pumpkin cookie I have in my purse for tonight 🙂

Current Blessing:

My husband, for sure 🙂

I missed him crazy style while he was gone, so I couldn’t be happier to have him back :).


Current Outfit:

Lululmeon tights, brown riding boots, a tan t-shirt, and an eternity scarf.

Current Excitement:

Zach’s birthday this weekend! 🙂

And that my friends, is my currently!

Question of the Afternoon:  Answer one, or all of these for your Currently…. 🙂