Where Does The Time Go?

Happy Monday Morning everyone ūüôā

Just like that — I’m back about ready to start another work week. ¬†Thankfully, less than two weeks now and Zach and I will be in blissful relaxation mode in Austria :). ¬†Hello honeymoon!

Last Night

I made it back to Denver right after noon Sunday and was able to make it to our friends for a game watch in the middle of the first quarter. ¬†Go Bronco’s! ¬† The game watch was a small group of friends with a whole lot of food. ¬†Definitely just my style.

Thanks to our crazy schedules, Zach and I were proud just to make it trough the Bronco’s game. ¬†Within a few minutes of the game ending, we were on our way home to spend the rest of the evening laying down on the couch.

photo 1


My wonderful husband spent a good chunk of his weekend deep cleaning the apartment so that I would come home to a relaxing space to me when I got home after the crazy week. ¬†I don’t know about you all — but I do NOT do well with clutter. ¬†Especially after traveling. ¬†My instinct is clean clean clean before I actually sit down and take a deep breath.

Because we ate so much during our game watch, last night was one of those days that I had to force myself to eat dinner (hardly ever happens).  I knew I needed something fresh and healthy.  On the menu:  kale salad

photo 3


The salad included:

  • massaged kale (lemon and oil)
  • frozen blueberries (don’t judge it was actually my favorite part)
  • banana peppers
  • Parmesan cheese
  • Sunflower seeds for crunch



photo 2


The flavors all worked really well together.  It was very different, but I would do it again no question.

We ended the evening switching back and forth between Bridesmaids and Twister . . . because we wanted to prove just how cool we really are, you know.

Question of the Morning:  Do you unpack right away when you get home?  Do you struggle with clutter?

I Can’t Spell

Have I mentioned to you all how cool Zach and I are?


Zach didn’t have to work when I got home tonight, which is rare — so we broke out our cool points and brought out the big guns. ¬†Scrabble.


That’s right (PS: my letters SUCKED and this is proof)


The game started with hope . . .


But ended in very sad defeat for this lady.


Zach and I both had a pretty awful game, but he took it 260 to 178.

I LOVE Scrabble, but unfortunately cannot spell, so it’s normally not a pretty outcome for me.

My claim to Scrabble fame: ¬†playing “rugrats” as my first play. ¬†7 letters. double word. ¬†Star. ¬†Unfortunately, it was disputed shortly after. ¬†Bummer.

And yes — we have weird nick-names for each other. ¬†Don’t ask, just add it to the cool points.

Timing was perfect, and we finished our game just in time for the boys in Orange and Blue to begin.


The Broncos are the one Denver team I will claim. . . Zach was born here in Denver and his family are all pretty big fans, so I guess I kind of married into it.

Dinner tonight was a healthy version of GREAT tailgaiting food as well.  Burgers and fries.

DSC_0175 DSC_0174


Or — lamb burgers on kale salad and asparagus . . . but really, it was good ūüôā






And now, we’re wrapped up in some blankets watching the game. ¬†I don’t know about where y’all are, but Denver has welcomed Fall with much cooler temps. ¬†Which quite frankly I’m OK with if it means cuddling ūüôā

Have a great night everyone ūüôā

Question of the Night:  What is your favorite board game?

My favorites growing up were games like Mouse Trap, that required so much set up I never actually learned to play the real game. ¬†Now, I’m all about Scrabble and Sequence!