Weekend In Breck

How are you all this morning?


After a weekend in the mountains, Monday came a little early this morning. . . but I’ve got my coffee and I’m chatting with you guys so it isn’t all bad :).

Backtrack to the Weekend

After my neighborhood run Friday morning Zach and I packed and got the house ready for our first Summer weekend in the mountains with his mom and sister.


We hit the road right around 2 or 3 PM and choose to take the scenic route through the front range and mountain passes instead of I-70. ¬†Good choice ūüôā

We made it to Breckenridge early evening and settled into the hotel with a glass of wine and snacks while we waited out some afternoon rain.


who doesn’t like wine in a hotel coffee cup? ¬†Classy.

Once the weather finally cooperated we headed over to Breckenridge Brewery for good beer and good bar food, which we all enjoyed plenty of both.



I had a duck-a-dilla, which was just a quesadilla with duck (I’m sure you all figured that out without me having to tell you) and enjoyed a double IPA and vanilla porter from Breck brewing. ¬†YUM!

We got our Double tree cookies and settled in fairly early around 10 or 1030, prepared for a long fun day ahead.


Saturday morning Zach and I decided to seize the day and headed out for a chilly, sunny mountain run.  I did about 3.5 miles (plus a bit for getting lost on my way home, upps) while Zach did about 5.5.  We both felt strong, but lemme tell ya, the mountains are no joke with hills and thin air!

The family brought us home some fresh goodies from a bakery near by so we chomped those down quickly after our run and headed back up to enjoy some mid mountain activities!


Our first priority was getting on the famous alpine slide, which Zach and I also enjoyed with our parents right around this time last year!  I was just as scared as I was in the previous experience, but man it is fun!

After that we all sat down for an afternoon mountain beer and shared a plate of chicken fingers (I’m sorry, I’m totally out of practice with blogging and didn’t get a picture of much of my food this weekend. ¬†Forgive me, I’ll get better!).

Once we were all fueled, we headed out for quite the mountain excursion for an off trail hike up and down the mountain.


As skiers it was really cool for us all to be on slopes in the middle of summer. ¬†It’s quite the unique experience and while it was treacherous at times, overall it was a blast!




We made it down from the mountain just in time for an afternoon nap — GREAT idea :).

Unfortunately, the Summer rain returned and we ended up waiting in our hotel after our naps for the rain that was seemingly ONLY over our hotel.  Around 730 or 8 we braved the drizzle that was left for Mi Casa, a GREAT Mexican restaurant right in the middle of town.

We ended up waiting about 45 minutes, but the drinks and food were totally worth it.  I ended up having two skinny margs, a ton of chips and salsa, and a tropical chicken salad.

Once again, we settled in fairly early with our cookies into bed.  Man the mountains take it out of you!


The Double Tree offers weekend yoga classes at 8 AM for free in one of their conference rooms, so I took advantage of that Sunday morning.  After the previous days hills and hikes, my legs were screaming for some stretching, and the class was perfect.

Funny enough, I was the ONLY PERSON in class, so I got some one-on-one practice with the most adorable pregnant instructor.  Totally worth getting out of bed with my coffee for the individual class as I left feeling like a new woman!

After class I showered up and we all headed out to meet some more family for brunch at the cute Columbine Cafe in Breck for our last mountain meal.


I ended up enjoying a HUGE Greek salad with chicken that was pretty much the joke of the brunch due to it’s serving bowl size! ¬†YUM! ¬†I ate about half of it and saved the rest to eat with dinner. ¬†Perfect!

Unfortunately, we hit a ton of traffic on the way home and didn’t make it back to our place until around 3 PM. ¬† I headed straight out to the grocery store for the necessary goodies for the nights planned pizza dinner while everyone else unpacked and got settled back in.

We all hung around and chatted until about 6 when we started making dinner. ¬†Unfortunately once again I didn’t take a picture of my dinner, but all my old readers know what our homemade pizzas look like :).


We chatted away until about 10 PM, when we all really started losing steam.  The weekend of mountain air, sunshine and lots of activity was starting to weigh on us!   With full tummies and happy wine hearts, we all crashed.

This weekend really was a great balance of ¬†family, outdoor fun, and exercise. ¬†Why can’t all weekends be like this?

Ever had a yoga class or any exercise class where you were the only student?

Where was your last weekend get away?

A Perfect Weekend and Plan For The Week

Happy Last Day of March Everyone ūüôā

I gotta tell you,¬†yes it’s always a bummer to wake up and start Monday morning — looking back on an amazing weekend tends to ease the pain just a bit.


Ashley’s Perfect Weekend

Friday Night:


The worlds BEST tortilla chips: Whole Foods homemade


Good cold beer


and a night with my BF, Leonardo.

{JK honey — but seriously. ¬†Leo, call me}



20,000 feet plus on the slopes

A relaxing early evening in hotel including snacks + hot tub.

Then an evening out with friends until far too l ate with good food, good drinks, and good company.

{sorry I didn’t get pictures. ¬†i was too busy enjoying the evening. . . happens sometimes}



A perfect ski breakfast with lots of healthy fats, carbs and protein.

photo 3-38

A quick circuit workout followed by a few more hours on the slopes


Tons of walks in the sunshine with the pup


An evening with another good friend, Will.


More peanut butter


Lots of coconut water + lemon to rehydrate

photo 4-25

a homemade pizza night with the hubby


With the final cap of the weekend being some experimenting in the kitchen.

This really was my perfect weekend, and yes I may have played and worked hard {and payed for it}, but my goodness it was an amazing weekend.

Zach and I went to bed right around 10 PM last night so by the time my alarm went off this morning, all of the rust from the weekend felt like it had been washed off.  Yes, I allowed myself to sleep in after an indulgent weekend.  BUT I did get in a good 20 minute yoga session, and have plans for an AWESOME outdoor run tonight to enjoy the weather.

Plan for the Week

I ended last week feeling strong and confident, and want to roll that into this week as well. ¬†Here’s my plan to do JUST that :).

  • Monday: AM yoga + PM run
  • Tuesday: AM Strength session
  • Wednesday: ¬†Speed work run
  • Thursday: Walk with the Pup
  • Friday: Hill/Interval treadmill run
  • Saturday/Sunday: SKI one day/Run one day

As always, I leave room for flexibility because, you know, life happens :).


I have a couple goals this week.

  • HYDRATE! ¬†Never be without water and constantly be sipping. ¬† This is always difficult for me — for whatever reason. ¬†I get full easily and when I drink a ton of water, I get a “water baby” and am miserable until it goes away {a water baby is that slushy belly you get after drinking lots of water}. ¬†With that said, I KNOW I feel better overall when I drink water, so I’m going to stick to it.
  • LESS PROCESSED FOODS: ¬†I have gotten back into a bar kick lately. ¬†Now, I’m not damning bars, but let’s just say the processed nature of most grocery store bars scare me. ¬†So, I know I need to chill out a bit. ¬†My plan for the week is to eat more real, natural foods — less prepackaged foods with ingredients I am not familiar with. ¬†I’m starting this plan off with homemade granola bars that I’ll be sharing with you all soon ūüôā
  • Continue the walks with Gus as much as possible!¬†Gus and I both enjoyed our evening walks, and I want to keep this trend up as long as the weather is cooperating. ¬†It’s great for digestion after dinner and just fresh air ūüôā

alright my friends, that’s all I’ve got for you today :). ¬†Hope you had a GREAT weekend and have a great Monday to start the week!

Question of the Morning: TELL ME ALL ABOUT YOUR WEEKENDS! ¬†Did you run/race? ¬†See friends? Tell me ūüôā ‚̧