Gotta Be Flexible

For those of you that know me, it probably comes as no surprise that I am a bit of a control freak.  I like to have things planned, I work well with a schedule, and I’m not always flexible.  That’s not to say I’m not laid back — I can absolutely go with the flow once things are going, and I can make the best of many situations.  But my overall tendency is absolutely Type-A all-the-way.

Well last night our plans for lasagna got washed.  We had some last minute very important errands to run out in Boulder, so thankfully we were able to be flexible and have an impromptu, a little abnormal date night.

In the middle of our errands in Boulder, Zach and I made a stop at Fate Brewing Company for dinner and a nice cold drink to take the edge off :).

We got to Fate about 620 PM, and to our surprise there was a 30 minute wait.   Boulder is a college town, and the students are off for break, not to mention we were eating with our senior citizen crowd.  So when we heard there was a 30 minute wait, while we hadn’t PLANNED on waiting, we figured it had to be a good sign.

We sat at the bar and both got beers.  I got a Chocolate Peppermint Stout that was AWESOME and unique, and Zach shockingly got an IPA ;).


There draft menu was quite impressive, with a lot of their own brews along with other local breweries.  While their bartending service was subpar (we had 2 people come tell us they would help us, and then go help other crowds), the beer was delicious!

Right around 25 minutes later, we were seated and the service improved.  We were quickly greated by our waitress, put in our orders, and our food was out promptly.  I love it 🙂



I ordered the farmers market salad with brisket (when in Rome, right?) and it was DELICIOUS.  The brisket was PERFECT, the snap peas, beats, cucumbers, pickles, everything…it was a great mix.  And then with the stout dressing?  YUM!

We were able to finish our errands and got back home to Denver a little after 9 PM.   I apologize for my lack of posting, but we’re all about flexibility, right?  By the time we got home, we were both pretty exhausted.  Ate dessert (more cookies) and crashed.

This Morning

Thanks to my early-to-bed time, I was able to get out of bed without TOO much problem this morning for a quick speed work out.

Workout of the Day: 4 miles speed work out

  • 10 minute steady easy warm up
  • 20 minute intervals:  1 minute @ 8 mph, 1 minute at 6 mph
  • finish off the run steady until 4 miles right around 35 minutes

My brain was a bit foggy, but my legs felt good so I pushed out the constantly changing speed workout to keep it interesting.  Thankfully, the run flew by.

Work time now, folks :).  It should be a quiet day, lots of meetings but no clients.  Love it! 🙂

Question of the Morning:  Are you flexible, go with the flow type?  Or do you prefer schedules/structure?

A Morning Hike in Boulder (and our wedding rings!)

Happy Sunday all.

I hope everyone is relaxing and enjoying their Sunday so far 🙂

The family and I decided to take another Sunday morning hike this AM, so around 900 we headed off to Boulder, CO.

Boulder is the home of Colorado University and the CU Buffalo’s, but it also has TONS of amazing hiking and running trails.

Boulder is a beautiful 30-45 minute drive for us from Denver depending on traffic.


We decided to hit the Sanitas Valley Trail this morning



The trail started out fairly gentle, but we were huffing and puffing quickly!




The hike was fairly challenging with some steep incline in the first 1.5 miles, but short enough to be manageable.



Not to mention it offered some seriously amazing views of Boulder and the surrounding towns.






It was a beautiful afternoon on the trails. . . but a little warm for Gusman.


Until he found himself a little watering hole.  He was a happy pup then.

The hike was about 3 and a half miles round trip, but took us nearly 2 hours.  There were some fairly serious incline and decline, so we were huffing and puffing the entire way.  Even though it was only half the distance of last weeks hike, I felt it all the same!

Thankfully, Zach and I had plans to hit up our own little watering hole after…

Avery brewery in Boulder.

We’ve stopped by here a couple times after hikes in Boulder.  They have an a great selection of tap beers and some pretty solid bar food.

Unfortunately this afternoon I forgot my ID at home, so only Zach was able to order beer…but we managed to share his orders 🙂

Ironically enough a woman from the table next to ours came up and told me she also forgot her ID at home…and tried to explain that her toddler was her ID, but apparently that didn’t fly either.  Don’t forget your ID if you want to enjoy Avery’s beer!

Wedding Bands

I’ve promised good pictures of our wedding bands all weekend, so here you go finally!

DSC_0881 DSC_0880

I love Zach’s ring.  He designed it off pictures he’d seen online.  It’s a platinum band with copper and titanium thin strips in the middle.  I love how unique it is.

DSC_0871 DSC_0875

My band is very thin, delicate band with channel set diamonds that match the ones in my engagement ring around the entire band.

It’s BEAUTIFUL and exactly what I wanted.  It looks perfect with my engagement ring and can’t wait to wear them as a set!

So…not a bad Sunday morning if I do say so myself.  Now it’s time to relax for the rest of the afternoon 🙂

Quesiton of the day:  How was your Sunday morning spent?  Do you have Sunday rituals in your home?