April Fools Day

Did anybody have any good pranks that they played or that they got played on them today?

April Fools is also my cousin’s birthday, so I grew up celebrating him on April 1st, but I know I’ve heard some pretty killer April Fools stories that always  make me laugh :).

Workout Last Night

Just as I promised in yesterday’s post, I managed to get myself a great workout in yesterday after work.

photo 4

I left work and hit the park near our offices right at 5 PM.  The sun was still out and the temps were perfect, unfortunately the wind was KILLER and provided quite the challenge for my treadmill trained legs.

photo 1

I started the workout with a quick but very hilly 5k that gave my legs just enough time to remind myself how hard I had skied the weekend before.  I finished in just over 29 minutes and moved on to the next stage of my workout.

photo 2

Hill sprints.  I did about .10 mile of a hill (short but killer) SPRINTING, then would walk down.  X5.

My pace for the sprints held right around 6:30, which I was pretty impressed with considering the hill and wind.

By the time I was done, my legs were CASHED and I was ready to relax and eat a good dinner.


photo 1 (1)

We had a fairly simple, but healthy dinner planned for the evening.  Salads with chicken cutlets and sourdough toast.

photo 2 (1)

Simple, but delicious and totally hit the spot.  My salad was a medly of goodies: spring mix greens, sundried tomatoes, peppercinnis, mushrooms.  Delish.

I ended the evening with a delicious cookie, once again 🙂 ❤

photo 3

Minus the chocolates.

This Morning

I woke up sore as crud and exhausted, but knew I needed to get a good workout, so I hit the gym and the weights for a tabata style workout.

photo 4 (1)

I warmed up with a little bit of incline walking, followed by the 13 minute tabata set.

photo 3

Then repeat.  I followed it all up with some incline sit ups and ab work and am now sufficiently exhausted and sore.

Happy Tuesday 🙂

Question of the Morning: What’s your best April Fool’s Story?