Moving, Shaking, and Eating Plans plus a New Workout for the Week

Still struggling with the Monday time change crud.  Anyone else?  Whomp whomp.

To try and keep myself upbeat and motivated, let’s chat about the week ahead, shall we 🙂

Workout Plan For The Week

photo 4

  • Monday: PM Yoga Class
  • Tuesday: AM Run (likely treadmill)
  • Wednesday: Pilates Bar class (so excited)
  • Thursday: Rest/Walk Day
  • Friday: AM Run
  • Saturday: Likely skiing
  • Sunday: Longer run (5-6 miles)



I have hopes to squeezing in more strength training this week as well — in addition to what I have posted — by way of NTC App. I did quite a bit this weekend and just LOVE it.  Can’t get enough!

Meals for the Week

photo 1-37

  • BBQ Chicken quesadillas
  • Salad with grilled chicken
  • Open face sammies


The only meals we have groceries for as of right now. . . but we are SWIMMING in goodies and sweets, so you know I’m a happy girl.

photo 4


New Workout To Try

I’ve got a new treadmill workout that I am going to try this week that I want to share with you all.   After getting back outdoors and remember how much more enjoyable the outdoors are — I am going to need something to keep me motivated on the ol’ machine.

Welp, in searching the wonderful pinterest (Follow me on pinterest), I found just the motivation I needed.  Check her out

0:00-6:30 4.5 0.0 Warmup
6:30-7:30 5.0 0.0 Begin Incline Run Section
7:30-8:30 5.0 15.0
8:30-9:30 5.0 0.0
9:30-10:30 6.0 10.0
10:30-11:00 5.0 0.0
11:00-11:30 7.0-9.0 5.0
11:30-12:30 3.0 0.0 End Incline Run Section
12:30-13:30 3.0-4.0 0.0 Begin Sprints and Walks Section
13:30-14:30 8.0-10.0 0.0
14:30-15:15 3.0 0.0
15:15-16:00 8.5 0.0
16:00-16:30 3.0 0.0
16:30-17:00 9.0 0.0
17:00-18:00 3.0 0.0 End Sprints and Walks Section
18:00-19:00 6.0 0.0 Begin Endurance Section
19:00-20:00 6.5 0.0
20:00-21:00 7.0 0.0
21:00-22:00 7.5 0.0
22:00-23:00 8.0 0.0
23:00-24:00 3.0 0.0 End Endurance Section
24:00-24:30 6.0 0.0 Start Flat and Hills Section
24:30-25:00 6.0 6.0
25:00-25:30 6.0 0.0
25:30-26:00 8.0 0.0
26:00-26:30 3.0 0.0
26:30-27:00 7.0 0.0
27:00-27:30 7.0 6.0
27:30-28:00 7.0 0.0
28:00-28:30 8.5 0.0
28:30-29:00 3.0 0.0 End Flat and Hills Section
29:00-34:00 4.0 0.0 Cooldown

Note: this workout is geared toward experienced runners. Play around with the speeds as neccessary, but during the sprinting sections (anything noted on the chart above a speed of 8.0), allow yourself to be challenged at your max capacity.

I found this on and know that it is exactly what I need to switch things up.  It looks TOUGH, and I do plan to change up the speeds and incline a little (our treadmills don’t go above 12), but generally plan to keep it to this plan.  Looks good, right?

Question of the Afternoon:  What is a new workout that you’ve tried and loved lately?

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Goals For The Week January 13

Goooooooood Morning and Happy Monday everyone :).

i really apologize if that intro gets old.  what are some creative ways to start blog posts, anyway?

Another weekend wrapped up in the books for 2014, and another week ready to tackle.  Thank goodness the weekend on our side was pretty spectacular , so I’m not too bitter about it ending :).

We wrapped up our evening with a little bit of yoga for runners before serving a simple, but delicious dinner.

photo 2-9

A caprese salad with some slaw underneath as base.  Topped of course with balsamic vinegar and a side of chicken that Zach and I split.  I guess he didn’t think there was enough protein in my breakfast?!

photo 4-5

Moving on . . . 🙂

I capped off the night with a unphotogenic piece of homemade lemon cake that was absolutely AMAZING and fell asleep quickly on a bit of a sugar high.  Come on Ashley — keep it in check.  You don’t need to eat EVERY BITE OF DESSERT!

Welp, at least I woke up ready to get moving this morning with a good work out.

Workout of the Day:  4 miles plus easy weights

photo 1-9


Since I really pushed the speed (for me) yesterday on my 3 miler’, I decided to keep it nice, slow and fairly consistent today.  Nothing really exciting about this run.  I kept it constant until the end when I started getting really bored so I messed around with the speed a bit.

Then, of course, for a bit of strength training:

  • 3 sets of 15 incline sit ups (body weight)
  • 3 sets of 15 chest press (20 lbs)
  • 3 sets of 15 leg press (40 lb)
  • 60 second plank + 10 hip hips (body weight)

I don’t know how much I’ve spoken about this on the blog, but I’m sure many of you have noticed my running routine being a little different in the last few months.  I started really pilin’ on the miles in November for the POTM challenge, then kept it going through December to reach my goal of 1000 miles in 2013 (yay).  At this point, I’ve kept it up, even when I’m not sure I want to, in hopes that I will burn myself out pretty badly and be ready for the 2 week break for the honeymoon come February 2.  I definitely do not plan to continue running like this when we return (I have other plans), and have even started looking at 2014 races.

At this point, my Plan/Goals for the week is as follows:

  • Run daily (one day above 4, at least 3 AT 4 miles)
  • 5 days of light strength training
  • HYDRATE!  Drinking that lemon and mint water last week did wonders.  Keep it up!

Question of the Morning: What are you Goals/Plans for the week?

Pizza Night andGoals for the Week

Good Morning, Happy Monday and back to normal business here at Chocolate Medals!

DSC_0489 DSC_0490


Last night was enjoyed like every Sunday is in the Jara household.  Homemade pizza night!  Last nights included:


  • 1 green pepper
  • 10 baby heirloom tomatoes, halved
  • 3 pieces of bacon
  • 1 large handful of arugula, dressed in lemon and vinegar
  • 1 refrigerated dough from Sprouts
  • Sprinkle of Italian seasoning
  • Mozerella cheese
  • 1 tablespoon of olive oil


  • Preheat oven to 390.
  • Bake the bacon (12-15 minutes)
  • Flour and roll out the dough, brush with olive oil and top with Italian seasoning.  Prebake for 5 minutes
  • Chop up the tomatoes and peppers
  • After crust begins to rise, pull out and add the toppings and cheese, all except arugula
  • Dress the arugula lightly with lemon and vinegar, set to the side
  • Bake for 17 minutes
  • Pull the pizza out, add the arugula to the top
  • Put the pizza back into the oven, heat turned off, for 3-5 minutes to wilt the arugula.
  • ENJOY!

There are a lot of steps, but really homemade pizza is super easy!

I capped off my evening with an amazing PB cup that was SO huge I had to split with Zach (That’s saying something, I don’t share dessert)


This Morning/This Week

Just like I have started the past couple of weeks, I rested this morning, sleeping in until the blissful hour of 715.    Then I got to slowly wake up and enjoy the smell of oatmeal coming from the kitchen from the hubby!

Goals for the Week

Instead of a strict plan for each day of the week, I am setting GOALS for the week for my workouts.  For this week, they include:

  • 6 runs, 1 longer than 4 miles, and 3 AT LEAST 4 miles
  • 1 intentional yoga session, sporadic yoga as needed
  • 1 strength work out
  • 1 intentional walk
  • 1 day of skiing (Saturday)

With how crazy our schedules are currently, flexability is the name of the game.  While I LOVE to get my work outs done and over with in the AM, it can’t always happen and I need to appreciate that I can work out anytime of day that I’m free!

I’ll be back later today with a more in depth recap of the weekend!

Question of the Morning:  How was your weekend?   I feel so disconnected to everyone!