Sweatin’ and Droolin’

With all my travels and sickness lately — I haven’t done a Friday round up in ages!  It’s time to change that my friends!

Work Outs

Welp, to say I’m out of my boring run rut is an understatement.  I’ve mentioned multiple times my focus lately on finding balance and truly taking care to listen to my body.  That has absolutely been reflected in my work outs this week and I’ve gotta say I’m feeling better than ever and am proud of myself.

  • Saturday: 3 mile run + walking around Boulder and Denver with the parents

photo 1-23


  • Sunday: Hilly 2 + mile walk with Gus + 45 minute CHALLENGER NTC app work out (killer).

photo 3-18

  • Monday: 3.1 mile run
  • Tuesday: Yoga class

photo 1-30


  • Wednesday: 3.16 mile run + 2+ mile walk with the Gusman
  • Thursday: Rest Day:  2 long walks (2 mile +) with Gus

photo 2-24 photo 3

  • Today: 30 minute/10.5 + mile bike ride and planned yoga class PM

You’ll notice the trend of lots of walking.  My body cannot handle the pace that I was keeping before and during the honeymoon, and it let it be known.  I am trying to find balance and all this added walking and yoga + strength training are doing WONDERS seemingly overnight for me both physically and mentally.  WIN!


20140222-150907.jpg 20140222-151002.jpg

20140222-151024.jpg 20140222-151102.jpg



photo 4-13 photo 5-12

photo 1-24 photo 2-26

photo 5-13

photo 1-26 photo 3-19

photo 5-14

photo 1-28 photo-11

photo 2-32 photo 3-21

photo 2-33




I had a focus on healthy, made-for-one meals this week and feel like I did a pretty darn good job if I do say so myself!  Lots of recipes on the blog this week so check ’em out!


And a new favorite eat for you that I wish I hadn’t found . . . 

photo 1-32


I tried this new-to-me granola bar at Vitamin Cottage yesterday and I have a sickening feeling it’s going to do some damage on my wallet for a little while.  Honest to god the best granola bar I’ve ever had.  Worth almost 3 dollars?  OUCH, but I guess so because I’m likely getting myself another today.

And that my friends, is how I’m making you sweat and drool today! 🙂  Have a GREAT weekend!

Question of the Afternoon:  QUICK:  recap your week for me! Highlight reel time!

Friday Round Up


Sometimes pictures can say it better than we can . . .



Woof . . . almost there you guys.

Shocked Face



I ended last night like I have every night for the past week . . . with my (portioned out: success) peanut butter pretzel crisps.  AWESOME.  Unfortunately, Zach and I are starting to run low on our bags, so looks like a trip to Whole Foods during lunch is in order.  Sad, but true.

This Morning

Was a GLORIOUS Friday morning rest-day.  I have been REALLY thinking about my training schedule and am hoping to begin it shortly after coming back from the honeymoon — and am really looking forward to being forced to take these wonderful rest days again.


I had a pretty good week, overall when it comes to work outs.

  • Monday: 40 minute run (4.53 m) + 40 squats, 40 incline sit ups and 40 chest press
  • Tuesday:  40 minute run (4.26) + plank work
  • Wednesday: 40 minute EASY run (4.08 m iles) + yoga
  • Thursday: 50 minute speed work (5.61) + 10, 10, 10 work out (60 squats, sit ups and push ups in sets of 10)

I am hoping to fit in another yoga session this afternoon, post work after reminding much my body appreciates it Wednesday.  Other than that, Zach and I may try and go out for a run together tomorrow, and I’ll be planning to squeeze in a run Sunday after I drop Zach off for the air port (Have I mentioned he’s going to London?!).

My body was definitely feeling the miles this week, but I pushed through and knew that a rest day today was NOT A QUESTION.  One week and a day until the honeymoon and NO TREADMILLS IN SIGHT! 🙂

Food Porn!






photo 3 photo 2


photo 2 (1)


photo 3 (1) photo 4


photo 2 (2)


photo 4 (1) photo 5


photo 2-14 photo 1-14



Enjoy your Friday everyone! 🙂

Work Out Round Up!

Happy Friday All! 🙂  I hope there are lots of you that are already on vacation, or just have to make it through today for the long holiday.  I have one more day (Monday) that stands between me and going home, but a one day week isn’t so bad right?

Zach and I also decided last minute yesterday to head back up to the mountain tonight, so we will be staying overnight in Winter Park at the same hotel and then getting up bright and early to ski!



We’re excited!  I guess that makes the fact that we can’t leave for home a LITTLE easier…but still can’t wait to see you Mom and Dad 🙂

Workout Round Up

I decided to do goals this week instead of strict workouts on any given day.  Here’s what I had planned:


  • 6 runs, 1 longer than 4 miles, and 3 AT LEAST 4 miles
  • 1 intentional yoga session, sporadic yoga as needed
  • 1 strength work out
  • 1 intentional walk
  • 1 day of skiing (Saturday)

And so far I have done:

  • 5 runs, 4 at 4 miles and one at 3 miles.
  • 1 yoga for runners work out
  • 1 intentional lunch walk (and another planned for today)
  • Some plank and ab work

So it looks like I am doing pretty well…and that this weekend I need to try and squeeze in a ski day (tomorrow) and a long-ish run (Sunday).  . . as well as any more strength or abs that I can fit in.

This morning was all about rest and relaxing.  I hadn’t taken a day off in almost 2 weeks, so I told myself it was time.  Need to save my legs for skiing tomorrow, right? 🙂

Question of the Morning:  How were your work outs this week?  Did you have any goals?  Ready for the Holiday?