Eats and Feats

I know, I know.   I promise you all I am working on getting back to being a good, scheduled blogger.  But bear with me as I settle back in.

For tonight, I want to share with my favorite blog friends some of my top eats and feats from the weekend and starts of this week.


photo 3-44

I’m going to be honest with you guys, because I like you.  I pretty much ate sushi for every.single.real.meal this weekend.  True story.

photo 2 (46)

photo 2-58

Ok that’s a lie, I didn’t eat it for breakfasts — but I did eat it for three meals in as many days.  Upps.  Moving on. . . the ladies and I went to this adorable little Cafe, where I was BEYOND tempted to throw caution to the wind and order everything baked.  BUT, I stayed good and ordered some turkey sausage and fruit.  Which was, not surprisingly, delicious.

And I ended the meal with two undocumented macarons.  And they were AWESOME.

photo 5-25

And of course, lots of bear and wine.  Yup.  Too much. #sorryimnotsorry #butiwasmonday.

Getting back to normal eating, last night was Mexican.  Steak quesadillas and side salads topped with pico.

photo 1 (50)

All made by the hubby because I worked 7-7 and well, he’s awesome.

photo 2 (48)

With a very necessary side of red wine {that you can hardly see}.  I know I just mentioned I drank a lot this weekend, please don’t judge.  It’s been a long day or two for the hubby and I thanks to some careless errors…but we’re working through it and today was definitely a better day :).


While I was a bit crazy this weekend enjoying friends, I didn’t completely forget my healthy lifestyle.

photo 3-45

I did manage to fit in two runs over the weekend

  • {one 4 miles on Sunday post football game, I know I’m impressed too}
  • {one 3 miler Monday morning before we left}.

A strength session yesterday

  • 10 minute stair stepper warm up
  • Decending bicep curl work out (15, 14, 13, etc.  25 lbs)
  • tricep curls (15 lbs) 3 reps of 12
  • 20 minute bike hill routine
  • chest press (20 lbs) 3 reps of 12
  • 25 incline sit ups

A Dynamic Cardio/Strength work out today

photo (12)

  • 4 sets of:  800 meter run for time/ 400 meter row for time (TOUGH BUT FUN)
  • 75 leg lifts on machine
  • 75 weighted russian twists
  • 75 incline sit ups
  • 75 second plank

Now that I’m back in action:  You tell me!  What were your eats and feats like this weekend?

All The Machines

I have been a cardio Queen this past 24 hours.  Between two workouts,  I have enjoyed:

photo 2 (47)

20 minutes or about 2 miles {no clue how they compute that} on the stair stepper

photo 3 (41)

20+ minutes doing a hill routine on the bike {5.5 miles}

photo 5 (31)

40 minutes easy pace on the treadmill {4 miles then walked it out until 40 minutes}

photo (12)

20 minutes on the rower {just under 3000 meters}

Seriously, cardio queen this lady.   The stair stepper and bike were last night, and the run and rower were this morning.   I had some time to waste before picking Zach up from the air port yesterday, and wanted to burn off some energy before I myself head for the airport this afternoon.  So where else but the gym to do that, huh?

Yesterday I also completed my 100th NTC app work out

photo 1 (2)

Which was just a morning stretch but it counts. . .  and a fun Ab routine.  Here’s what it looked like.

20 Minute Oblique smoker

Superset One Complete 3 times

  • Bench press leg pull in {15 reps/body weight}
  • Weighted twists {12 reps each side/15 lbs}
  • Dumbell side bend {12 reps each side/15 lbs}


Superset Two Complete 3 times

  • Medicine Ball sit ups {15 reps/body weight}
  • 1 minute plank
  • 20 bicycle crunches

25 incline sit ups

It was a good one 🙂 ❤


Yesterday in general was pretty much a blur for me — so I’m not too sure there’s much else to report besides these fun work outs.

photo 4 (35)

Zach did make it home safe and sound from London — which is really the highlight of the week :).  I got to the airport early {I was excited} so I hung out in one of the bars and enjoyed a glass of wine and people watching.  ALWAYS fun in an air port :).

And we actually picked up an AMAZING dinner on the way home, but unfortunately we were both so freaking hungry that I didn’t even snap a pic.  It was a gluten free 10 in pizza and an anti pasti platter.  YUM!  Let’s just say between the work out and glass of red wine, I probably ate nearly as much as the boy.  #Noshame.

So the two of us will be visiting close friends in New York over the weekend and I will likely be fairly absent except for pictures and likely lots of Instagram posts.  Stay tuned and everyone have a great and safe weekend!

Sushi and Yoga For The Win

You guys. . . I went to bed to this.

photo 1 (48)

And woke up to this . . .

photo 2 (45)

I think it’s fairly safe to say that the two baby furballs of the Jara family REALLY miss their daddy and the relentless attention that he gives them every waking moment.   I miss him too, furballs.  I miss him, too ❤

Wednesday Morning

As I mentioned in yesterday’s post, my beloved iPhone was replaced yesterday, which more so than anything else means that I have my awesome iPhone camera and normal blogging can resume.


I was able to wake up fairly easily yesterday morning,  so I wasn’t in a rush for time.  That meant that not only did I get to spend some time walking Gusman, that I also got to do a 30 minute strength session.

  • 8 minute ABS
  • 8 minute ARMS
  • 8 minute BUNS

That’s right friends.  I am back to being one major cliche and absolutely loving the quick 8 minute strength sessions for my very early mornings.  There really is something to be said about getting your heart rate up a bit first thing in the morning, even if it is brief.

Moving on. . . I make it to work by 8 AM this morning and went until about 4 PM.  Not too shabby.

photo 3 (40)

Oh the things that get me through the day . . .

photo 4 (34)

I have been LOVING fresh, cold apples and honey roasted peanuts this week.  There is something about the mix of the two snacks that leave me SO satisfied.

Anybody else have any good mix treats they enjoy during their long work days?  

Work Out

photo 5 (30)

 Because I was able to leave work a little earlier than anticipated, I rewarded myself with a Hot Power Fusion yoga class at Core Power Yoga.

You guys, I gotta admit.  I felt pretty darn good during this class.  My brain was running a million miles per minute,  but the instructor was seemingly picked for me, because she was magically able to slow down those thought processes.  She had a focus on “rooting ourselves” through out the entire class that really helped me to focus on the moment and the moves that I was in in that second.   In the end, it was probably one of the best HPF classes I’ve ever had, and I feel like because of that I was able to perform better than I ever have as well.  Woot!

Reward Dinner

And because I had already began the rewards, I decided I earned some sushi and chips for dinner tonight as well.

photo 1 (49)

Well earned, and well deserved.

photo 2 (46)

Oh, and a small cheesecake.  Just because, you know.

Just one more day of work and one more night until we’re off to New York!