Sushi and Yoga For The Win

You guys. . . I went to bed to this.

photo 1 (48)

And woke up to this . . .

photo 2 (45)

I think it’s fairly safe to say that the two baby furballs of the Jara family REALLY miss their daddy and the relentless attention that he gives them every waking moment.   I miss him too, furballs.  I miss him, too ❤

Wednesday Morning

As I mentioned in yesterday’s post, my beloved iPhone was replaced yesterday, which more so than anything else means that I have my awesome iPhone camera and normal blogging can resume.


I was able to wake up fairly easily yesterday morning,  so I wasn’t in a rush for time.  That meant that not only did I get to spend some time walking Gusman, that I also got to do a 30 minute strength session.

  • 8 minute ABS
  • 8 minute ARMS
  • 8 minute BUNS

That’s right friends.  I am back to being one major cliche and absolutely loving the quick 8 minute strength sessions for my very early mornings.  There really is something to be said about getting your heart rate up a bit first thing in the morning, even if it is brief.

Moving on. . . I make it to work by 8 AM this morning and went until about 4 PM.  Not too shabby.

photo 3 (40)

Oh the things that get me through the day . . .

photo 4 (34)

I have been LOVING fresh, cold apples and honey roasted peanuts this week.  There is something about the mix of the two snacks that leave me SO satisfied.

Anybody else have any good mix treats they enjoy during their long work days?  

Work Out

photo 5 (30)

 Because I was able to leave work a little earlier than anticipated, I rewarded myself with a Hot Power Fusion yoga class at Core Power Yoga.

You guys, I gotta admit.  I felt pretty darn good during this class.  My brain was running a million miles per minute,  but the instructor was seemingly picked for me, because she was magically able to slow down those thought processes.  She had a focus on “rooting ourselves” through out the entire class that really helped me to focus on the moment and the moves that I was in in that second.   In the end, it was probably one of the best HPF classes I’ve ever had, and I feel like because of that I was able to perform better than I ever have as well.  Woot!

Reward Dinner

And because I had already began the rewards, I decided I earned some sushi and chips for dinner tonight as well.

photo 1 (49)

Well earned, and well deserved.

photo 2 (46)

Oh, and a small cheesecake.  Just because, you know.

Just one more day of work and one more night until we’re off to New York!

The Longest Three Day Week, Ever.

Yes, this was absolutely the longest three day week ever, but I hope you believe me when I say I’m not complaining.

New Opportunities

photo 4 (32)

Despite diving into a new job and spending very different hours in three different offices, long commutes, and random meetings, I am optimistic.

I mean come on, look at the flower I found on my walk at lunch today.

photo (9)

Seriously biggest sun flower ever.  How cool is that?

Fitness Front

I woke up this morning for another date with Jillian.


{burns so good}

And as previously mentioned, a 2 miles walk around one of my new offices.

photo (9)

And then wrapped up my afternoon with a little 8 minute inspiration.


Just because I can.

I’ve gotta be honest — I feel a little off kilter at times, but overall I have LOVED this week of taking it a bit easy and 100% relaxed on the “Training” front.  The fact that I have nothing in the horizon but a long ski season {which the husband keeps reminding me of} has made me SO happy this week.


photo 1 (47)

Beer and chips to begin the anniversary weekend. . .

photo 2 (44)

And for dinner tonight, just to share.

photo 3 (39)

A fresh green salad with grilled mushrooms, carrots, broccoli  and sausage.

photo 4 (33)

All together now.  YUM!

Keeping My Head Above Water

Oh yeah.  Those quiet weeks of the yesteryear are far gone.  This week has been quite the wake up call and definitely head first dive back into work, but I’m not complaining.  Free time is short, but I am really prioritizing time management and making sure I spend time with the family, eat healthy, and get activity when and where I can.  Do what you can, right?

The plan is sometime within the next week or two to find a gym in Aurora, somewhere near one of my two schools or the freeway.  That way if I get off near rush hour, I can feel good about spending an hour in the gym and killing two birds.  Hello work out, and good bye rush hour.  It’s a no brainer.

Until then, I’m just keeping my head above water, doing what I can, and making sure I’m strapped in for the ride.

Can anyone relate to any of this?  

As for my day to day. . . eats have been pretty bland

photo 3 (37)

Monday nights dinner was a peanut butter with banana+ apple quesadilla and a side salad.

photo 2 (42)

The star of the meal was absolutely the quesadilla.  I was craving nut butter in a serious way and this little baby hit the spot.  I seriously considered making a second when I finished the first. . .

photo 1 (45)

And because I’ve gotta squeeze nutrients in where I can. . . the side salad.

Tuesday nights dinner

 was a veggie-riffic quesadilla with tons of pepper, onion and goat cheese and a bit of steak {yum}

photo 2 (43)

plus small side of greens, because it’s how I do.

photo 1 (46)

During the day I’ve been living off apples, frozen grapes, smoothies, you get the picture.  Things I can eat quickly and on the go.  I’ll have to work on getting creative with my daytime eats having 10 hour days, but for now, I’m still working to get my stomach back to normal post race weekend.

photo 4 (30)

And my treats so far this week, amazing Almond shortbread cookies.

photo 3 (38)


photo 4 (4)

When I got home from work yesterday I brought my mat outside and did a little NTC app.  This workout was LEGIT and even had me having to alter the moves by the end because I was concerned about sacrificing form.  Phew…a tough 45 minutes but a good one!

and that my friends, is how i’m keeping my head above water.  but hey, no complaints from this girl.  starting tomorrow i’ve got my three day weekend and an exciting date night/overnight planned with the hubby 🙂  stay tuned.