This One Is Gonna Be Big

Happy Sunday everyone!   This week was insane to say the lease in the Jara household.  Thankfully we made it through fairly unscathed but man-oh-man we were both pushing it at times.  You know how it goes when you’re just trying to do TOO much?  Little things start falling through the cracks?  That was the these of this past week on our side, so by the time the weekend rolled around, we were more than ready to enjoy a quiet weekend in Denver, fairly low key.

It was without a doubt the perfect weekend, but let’s talk talk about that while we also talk about the last half of the week since I’ve been a bit absent, shall we?  This is gonna be long…

Work Outs

photo 5 (32)

Thursday I took a nice 2 mile walk up a hill to go get chips. . .

photo 1 (52)

Because quite frankly, what I brought to work for snacks wasn’t cutting it and they were highly necessary.  #noshame

photo 2 (50)

I also managed one of the toughest 5k’s I’ve had in awhile on the treadmill later that afternoon.  Oh well…my body was tired.  At least I didn’t let the mental aspect win and I finished without walking.  #winning

Friday was a total rest day, but I also got to do a really cool thing (thanks to the blog) and visit a recovery center here in Denver.

photo 4 (38)

It was a really cool opportunity and I’m excited to tell you guys all about it later this week!

Saturday I managed a 5.25 mile run on the treadmill, with 1000m rowing and 75 leg lifts on some crazy machine that I don’t remember the name of.

photo (12)

And then later in the afternoon I did my favorite 8 minute videos…because I was bored and Zach was out on a bike ride….yup.

Sunday Morning I made it to a 9 AM sculpt class at Core Power that nearly killed me, but was AWESOME.

photo 5 (30)

And am hopeful for a walk later this afternoon to a coffee shop if the weather holds up.  #fingerscrossed


photo 3 (40)

photo 4 (36)

My lovely parents sent me a very thoughtful Edible Arrangements to help get me through my tough week, and it was OH SO enjoyed….yum. #allthefruit

photo 1 (51)

Lots of salads with edemame and feta

photo 3 (42)

chicken that I dressed with the most amazing, disgusting sauce ever.

photo 2 (49)

Dont judge me…I found it at work and couldn’t help myself.  #worthit

photo 3 (43)

photo 4 (37)

Zach and I made it out for a happy hour Thursday night, which was short but highly necessary.  I’m learning that I LOVE Angry Orchard ciders. . . who knew?

photo 5 (33)

After a failed attempt at gluten free ravioli, Zach and I enjoyed some Annie’s GF mac and cheese with fresh veggies and bacon.  And had no complaints…

photo 1 (53)

Oh and peanut butter toast.  ALL the peanut butter toast.

photo 1 (54)

On Friday night we hosted  some family friends and enjoyed an evening on our patio.  We soaked up every second of it because we know these evenings are numbered at this point.

photo 5 (34)

And Saturday night Zach and I went out on a date night, that started out at an Oktoberfest at one of our favorite bars.

photo 2 (52)

Where I managed to get dragged into a stein holding contest. . .

photo 3 (45)

AND WON!  Seriously, Zach and I were laughing about it for the rest of the night.  I held the stein of water up for 8 minutes and hold the new record :).  I guess being stubborn pays off 😉

I won some adorable whiskey glasses and beer tickets, so I wasn’t complaining.  What a blast!  Thanks to my hubby for making it do it!

photo 4 (39)

We left the bar and ended up going to a local Mexican restaurant that was new to us…

photo 5 (35)

And ate small plate style.  Some of the best food we’ve had in awhile here in Denver.  We will definitely be back.  I was in date mode last night so I didn’t take many pictures, but trust me next time I will!

And that, my friends, basically catches us up.  It has been a great weekend on our sides, and I hope it has for you guys, too!  So, tell me all about em!!!!!!

Eats and Feats

I know, I know.   I promise you all I am working on getting back to being a good, scheduled blogger.  But bear with me as I settle back in.

For tonight, I want to share with my favorite blog friends some of my top eats and feats from the weekend and starts of this week.


photo 3-44

I’m going to be honest with you guys, because I like you.  I pretty much ate sushi for every.single.real.meal this weekend.  True story.

photo 2 (46)

photo 2-58

Ok that’s a lie, I didn’t eat it for breakfasts — but I did eat it for three meals in as many days.  Upps.  Moving on. . . the ladies and I went to this adorable little Cafe, where I was BEYOND tempted to throw caution to the wind and order everything baked.  BUT, I stayed good and ordered some turkey sausage and fruit.  Which was, not surprisingly, delicious.

And I ended the meal with two undocumented macarons.  And they were AWESOME.

photo 5-25

And of course, lots of bear and wine.  Yup.  Too much. #sorryimnotsorry #butiwasmonday.

Getting back to normal eating, last night was Mexican.  Steak quesadillas and side salads topped with pico.

photo 1 (50)

All made by the hubby because I worked 7-7 and well, he’s awesome.

photo 2 (48)

With a very necessary side of red wine {that you can hardly see}.  I know I just mentioned I drank a lot this weekend, please don’t judge.  It’s been a long day or two for the hubby and I thanks to some careless errors…but we’re working through it and today was definitely a better day :).


While I was a bit crazy this weekend enjoying friends, I didn’t completely forget my healthy lifestyle.

photo 3-45

I did manage to fit in two runs over the weekend

  • {one 4 miles on Sunday post football game, I know I’m impressed too}
  • {one 3 miler Monday morning before we left}.

A strength session yesterday

  • 10 minute stair stepper warm up
  • Decending bicep curl work out (15, 14, 13, etc.  25 lbs)
  • tricep curls (15 lbs) 3 reps of 12
  • 20 minute bike hill routine
  • chest press (20 lbs) 3 reps of 12
  • 25 incline sit ups

A Dynamic Cardio/Strength work out today

photo (12)

  • 4 sets of:  800 meter run for time/ 400 meter row for time (TOUGH BUT FUN)
  • 75 leg lifts on machine
  • 75 weighted russian twists
  • 75 incline sit ups
  • 75 second plank

Now that I’m back in action:  You tell me!  What were your eats and feats like this weekend?

New York — In Pictures

I am so sorry for my complete absence over the weekend.   It has been a whirlwind to say the least, and it hasn’t quite slowed down yet (12 hour work day) but I missed you guys so I wanted to at least share some pictures from the weekend with you all <3.

photo 1-54 photo 2-56 photo 3-44 photo 4-28 photo 5-25 photo 1-55 photo 2-57 photo 3-45 photo 4-29 photo 1-56 photo 2-58 photo 3-46 photo 4-30 photo 5-26 photo 1-57 photo 2-59 photo 3-47 photo 4-31 photo 5-27

Obviously totally out of order.  But an AMAZING weekend full of friend loving, puppy playing, football INSANITY.  And we loved every second of it.

Come back later for more details ❤