All The Machines

I have been a cardio Queen this past 24 hours.  Between two workouts,  I have enjoyed:

photo 2 (47)

20 minutes or about 2 miles {no clue how they compute that} on the stair stepper

photo 3 (41)

20+ minutes doing a hill routine on the bike {5.5 miles}

photo 5 (31)

40 minutes easy pace on the treadmill {4 miles then walked it out until 40 minutes}

photo (12)

20 minutes on the rower {just under 3000 meters}

Seriously, cardio queen this lady.   The stair stepper and bike were last night, and the run and rower were this morning.   I had some time to waste before picking Zach up from the air port yesterday, and wanted to burn off some energy before I myself head for the airport this afternoon.  So where else but the gym to do that, huh?

Yesterday I also completed my 100th NTC app work out

photo 1 (2)

Which was just a morning stretch but it counts. . .  and a fun Ab routine.  Here’s what it looked like.

20 Minute Oblique smoker

Superset One Complete 3 times

  • Bench press leg pull in {15 reps/body weight}
  • Weighted twists {12 reps each side/15 lbs}
  • Dumbell side bend {12 reps each side/15 lbs}


Superset Two Complete 3 times

  • Medicine Ball sit ups {15 reps/body weight}
  • 1 minute plank
  • 20 bicycle crunches

25 incline sit ups

It was a good one 🙂 ❤


Yesterday in general was pretty much a blur for me — so I’m not too sure there’s much else to report besides these fun work outs.

photo 4 (35)

Zach did make it home safe and sound from London — which is really the highlight of the week :).  I got to the airport early {I was excited} so I hung out in one of the bars and enjoyed a glass of wine and people watching.  ALWAYS fun in an air port :).

And we actually picked up an AMAZING dinner on the way home, but unfortunately we were both so freaking hungry that I didn’t even snap a pic.  It was a gluten free 10 in pizza and an anti pasti platter.  YUM!  Let’s just say between the work out and glass of red wine, I probably ate nearly as much as the boy.  #Noshame.

So the two of us will be visiting close friends in New York over the weekend and I will likely be fairly absent except for pictures and likely lots of Instagram posts.  Stay tuned and everyone have a great and safe weekend!