I Turned That Shi* Around

First and Foremost:  Happy Anniversary to the happiest, most inspirational couple I know.


You guys are the model of what couples strive to be, and I can only hope that in 30 years (yes I know it’s 31 years, but Zach and I have one under our belt so I’m subtracting) Zach and I are even half as happy as you two.  Keep it up you guys, you know what you’re doing.

Now to business….

You guys — today was just one of those days.

12 hour work day

photo 4 (32)

A couple stressful events during said work day that I had not anticipated…

photo 1 (22)

{my go-to stressed face}


I haven’t mentioned this yet on the blog but the hubby is overseas…

And overall I was just kind of in an “overwhelmed” kinda mood.  Not that it is overly abnormal for me as of late as I’m transitioning, but this afternoon was particularly tough.

And then. . . I turned it around.

photo 3-42

I had a good talk with my amazing manager, which helped to put some things into perspective.

I talked to the boy from overseas, even though it was midnight his time.


Because he’s amazing. . .

And then


…and then you guys.  I ran that shit out.  Excuse the language, but I did.

Work out

One mile warm up at an easy pace (about 940 minute mile)

800 repeats with 90 seconds active recovery

One mile cool down at an easy pace (about 930)

for a 60 minute work out and 6.35 miles.


My entire attitude had shifted and all of a sudden my day that felt so out of control, felt completely in control.

Sure, I wasn’t going to get home until after 7 PM.  Sure I was going to reheat mac ‘n’ cheese for dinner. But it all seemed OK.   I had turned what was a really tough afternoon around by simply taking control, and that was exactly the reminder I needed at this point in my life.

Thank you, running.  For never letting me down and always being there when I need you to feel better about myself, and just life in general.

And then guess what happened…



I’m back in the real world.   Just sending out good vibe’s yall…just sending out good vibes 🙂  Normal blogging shall resume tomorrow ❤

Have a GREAT Wednesday!

Anybody else ever have a day like this?