I Joined A Gym!

You guys I am stoked!


You all know I love me some fitness.  I’m kind of a freak for it — as in my husband pretty much kicks me out of the door when I haven’t worked out because I’m crabby.

Well, today, I did something that makes my little fitness obsessed heart VERY happy.  I joined 24 hour fitness!

Here’s the thing.  I live about 15-20 miles of the worst possible traffic in the Denver area for work.  Anyone who knows Denver traffic knows that I-25 basically SUCKS.  At rush hour?  Forget about it.  Drive.Me.Insane.

I am on a 10 hour day schedule, which means somewhere around 7-5.  Not.Exactly.Ideal.   So my answer to this problem was a gym membership!  I figured I can get off work, go work out for an hour or so, and completely miss the major traffic.



This equals one happy Ashley.  And one added benefit?  There is another location about 5 minutes from my house in the Highlands, so over the long weekends I can still go to the gym if I’m not skiing/running.  WOOT!



Because I was signing up to be a member, it took me a hot minute to sign up and get the paperwork filled out, so overall I was there for about an hour and a half.  But most of that time was spent doing a KILLER fun workout.  Here’s how it went down:


10 minute warm up on a GHETTO stair stepper

{so noted that this 24 hour fitness is not the nicest place in the world, but it gets the job done people}

Bicep curls

Did a descending work out starting at 15 reps, then 14, 13. . . to one. 20 lbs

10 more stair stepper minutes

Actually got on a good stair stepper this time…just saying.

Forward Row

Same descending style work out with a forward row.  20 lbs

photo 4 (1)

Stability Ball Sit Ups

Same descending style:  15, 14, 13, body weight.

5 minute cool down on the stair stepper


Overall I’d say it was a successful first trip back to the gym!  It was SO great to be back after 2 years {I had a gm in my apartment building, but it was hardly complete}.  So far my only major complaint about the gym is that it doesn’t have rowing machines but I’m hopeful that the Highlands location may have one…just saying.